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Hyper-Personalised Skincare

Approx 3 minute read When it comes to our skin, the quality depends upon both internal and external factors, however, the way its taken care of also has great significance. This is why hyper-personalised skincare will make all the difference… As a practitioner, analysing your clients’ skin and listening to their concerns will, of course, […]

Preventing premature skin ageing

Approx 4 minute read Can you name one skincare product that keeps your face looking healthy, wrinkle-free, and youthful for years to come? Probably not! Because most people overlook one of the most important products in their skincare routine… I’m talking about sunscreen, aka an SPF While you may wear an SPF during the summer […]

WOW Fusion Training Day- What to expect

When you first arrive to your training day, you’ll most likely be nervous. My advice to you is, there’s no need to be. Everyone else in the room is feeling the exact same way and your trainer will try their hardest to make you comfortable. The first thing you will do, after being offered a […]

How to Dress for Cold Weather and Still Look Cute

How to Dress for Cold Weather and Still Look Cute The cold weather season is here again and choosing the perfect outfits for your winter wardrobe that would make you feel comfortable and look cute simultaneously can be particularly challenging for some. It is one thing to layer up for the cold weather with warm, […]

5 Rules for the Perfect Wardrobe

5 Rules for the Perfect Wardrobe A lot of people think having a perfect wardrobe is all about having so many clothes, but it’s not exactly like this! A perfect wardrobe is not about the quantity of the clothes rather it is about the quality of the clothes in your closet independently. Here are some […]

The facial that makes you say WOW!

What the press are saying when I was passed the mirror after my facial I look at myself and say WOW!! This is what the editor of Aesthetic Medicine magazine Vicky Eldridge wrote when she featured WOW facial as her editors choice for the September issue. Read what she said below. When Claire Williams hands […]

Web apps that help you lead a healthy lifestyle

We’re stuck into busy life. Business trips, conferences, friends meetings, work, Friday evening cocktails, studies. Time goes so fast, and sometimes we don’t even have time for ourselves, for our health and body. We forget to drink water and make morning workouts. We eat fast and unconsciousness and sometimes, it’s hard to remember, that you […]

Essential oils for a better mood, health, and life

Essential oils literary can influence on our mood and health. Smells are building the bridge between our brain, emotions, and feelings. Stimulating our brain cells with aromatherapy we can improve digestion, boost sexual energy, treat depression and maintain a pleasant environment in the house. But what should we do, if we never tried aromatherapy at […]