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Can you wash your face after Microneedling? Here’s the 411 on post treatment skin care

Microneedling is one of the most popular ‘lunch-break procedures’ Due to its effectiveness in improving a number of skin concerns, from aging to acne, rosacea to hyperpigmentation it’s easy to see why. Unlike other micro-needling treatments, the WOW facial uses a unique award-winning needling device, WOW fusion, combining micro-needling with Mesotherapy serums especially tailored to […]

Skin Cycling with WOW facial

At WOW facial, we’re always keeping an eye on skincare trends… So after telling you all about #GlassSkin and using banana peel for dark under-eye circles, we’re here to guide you through the latest trend: ‘Skin Cycling’ which has recently gone viral on TikTok and Instagram.  What is skin cycling?  Put simply, skin cycling is […]

How to glow this festive season

The festive season is almost upon us, meaning a host of Christmas parties, family reunions, and nights out are probably on the agenda. Plenty of fun to be had, along with a belly full of hard-to-resist yummy treats and a high chance of one too many alcoholic drinks! All that neatly tied into a pretty […]

Wellness vs Skin Health

We caught up with Claire Williams, founder + CEO at WOW facial to find out why she believes wellness and skin health have a very clear connection. My own skin journey started when I was just 13 years old and struggling with terrible acne. In hindsight, I understand that my body’s structure and muscle content […]

Everything need to know about sheet masks

Have you tried the WOW sheet mask yet? If you’re looking for instant skincare results, most sheet masks come loaded with potential beauty benefits to hydrate, clear, and refresh skin that’s in need of a little more than your usual skincare routine can provide. These single-use masks make you feel pampered and look radiant, plus […]

How to reverse summer sun damage

Can you reverse the signs of sun damage? “Yes! If you know how.”  says Claire Williams, WOW facial founder & CEO What does sun damage look like? Claire continues, “It’s safe to say we’ve had a rather hot summer, and whilst it’s been amazing, sun exposure wreaks havoc with our skin! From sunburn to sunspots, […]

5 Must-have products for glowing skin

When implementing a skincare routine at home, there are certain must-have products with ingredients that are best suited to work on certain skin conditions: from washes and serums to moisturisers and SPFs, the WOW home skincare range has a product designed for each and every skin type. Find out which products CEO and Founder Claire […]

Skin products to avoid during pregnancy

Whilst expecting, your body changes considerably not only physically, but chemically too which means products you can usually use on your skin may no longer be suitable and can in fact be harmful during pregnancy. “Pregnancy is a time of great change for every mama-to-be! The trouble is, most women have little idea on how […]

It’s officially SPF season, isn’t it?

As the days start becoming brighter and the nights lighter we naturally begin to spend more time outside. With Summer fast approaching, holidays being booked and the sun’s rays becoming stronger, it makes sense to believe that now is the time to get the SPF out to avoid sunburn, right? Wrong! Using an SPF 50 […]