Vitamin C = Ultimate Brightening + Anti-Aging Antioxidant

Say 'Hi' to your skin's new best friend!

Vitamin C is buzzing around the skincare world, and for good reason, it’s great for your skin! But, do you know why?

This powerhouse antioxidant does so much more than just brighten your complexion. Vitamin C helps protect your skin from environmental damage, reduces inflammation, and stimulates collagen production. In other words, it's one of the most effective ingredients for anti-ageing and achieving a healthy glow.
Ascorbic acid, the active form of Vitamin C, works to neutralise free radicals and protect skin cells - helping to prevent excess inflammation caused by environmental stressors like UV radiation and pollution.
So, how does vitamin C boost collagen and brighten skin?
Vitamin C helps your skin make collagen, the protein that gives skin its firmness and elasticity and, more collagen means fewer fine lines and wrinkles! Vitamin C also keeps your collagen strong and healthy, as it inhibits glycation, a process that is known to break down collagen.
Vitamin C also shields your skin from pollution and free radicals. These environmental aggressors break down collagen and elastin, damage skin cells, and cause premature ageing. Vitamin C neutralises free radicals and protects your skin, preventing signs of ageing before they start.
The result?
DNA protection, pollutant protection and a bright, luminous complexion – win win, right?
WOW facial’s Sonic HA Serum outshines other Vitamin C products, as although topical Vitamin C serums deliver a highly concentrated dose of ascorbic acid directly to the skin, some are more concentrated than others with many serums on the market containing 10% standard Vitamin C, WOW facial’s Sonic HA Serum contains a super-boosted 20% Vitamin C in the form of 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. 
Here’s the science bit: attaching an ‘ethyl group’ by using the 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid makes it more stable than I-ascorbic acid, enhancing results. This star ingredient enables the serum to remain effective for longer - providing continuous antioxidant protection.
What’s more, because the Sonic HA Serum also contains a natural Hyaluronic Acid booster, it actively hydrates and plumps your skin too!
The cutting-edge sonicated technology used in Sonic HA Bright Serum helps deliver the Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid deep into the skin where it can work most effectively.
By applying low-frequency, high-intensity sound waves to the Hyaluronic Acid, and other ingredients as part of the production process, the molecules become a more balanced mixture, resulting in better absorption. This innovative delivery system ensures you get the maximum benefits from your face serum.

If you’re looking to boost your skincare routine with a powerhouse ingredient, Vitamin C should be at the top of your list.”

- Claire Williams, WOW facial CEO  Founder

By simultaneously delivering super-hydrating Sonic Hyaluronic Acid combined with the scientifically proven 20% Vitamin C, Sonic HA Serum aids skin regeneration and brightens the complexion. Its calming, restorative formula is suitable for all skin types and tones, and with daily use it can transform dull, uneven or tired skin to restore a radiant glow.
Other WOW products that contain Vitamin C include our TripleVit Intense serum, which actively stimulates the mitochondria to oxygenate the skin and keep stem cells in perfect conditions, and WOW fusion AGE Complex Plus, a professional product used in the Mesotherapy WOW fusion facial cocktails during in-clinic treatments.
What are you waiting for? Find your local WOW facial centre in the ‘Find a Provider’ section of the website and discover the skin-saving benefits of this antioxidant wonder today. Your skin will thank you!