WOW Facial<sup>®</sup>

WOW Facial®


WOW Facial<sup>®</sup>

WOW Facial®


Are you ready to WOW?®

Wow facial is the ultimate transformational skin treatment, 75 minutes and 6 stages of pure skin nirvana, your skin care specialist will bespoke and tailor your WOW facial at every stage to meet your exact skin care requirements. The team here at WOW facial Ltd have developed and researched the most advanced skin care technologies to bring you or your clients a truly transformative result. ®

The WOW facial truly is the WOW factor treatment.


Click to reveal the full detailed stages of the WOW facial and how these will provide energy for your skin type and requirement.®


Get your skin HD and camera ready®I’ve got 99 problems but my skin ain’t one.


Prep your skin for your ultimate celebration.®


Glow on your wedding day ® the ideal facial for skin confidence on the big day.


Prepare your skin for the silly season, or give the gift of beautiful skin to someone you love!®


The WOW facial improves so many skin conditions.® Prepare and keep your skin vibrant all year round but remember your WOWfactor50.


Do you love looking after your skin? Look no further.®

About WOW

At the end of 2016 Claire Williams the Managing Director had the idea to develop the ultimate facial. During the months following she tried and tested many stages and many different ingredients to perfect a facial that gave truly transformative results without any down time or side effects. With a team of medics and advanced skin care specialists all working closely together the WOW facial was born. Claire, a sales and marketing specialist also wanted to design a treatment that would help support small businesses to grow giving them a branded facial that could be tailored to suit their clients skin care requirements and help attract new clients whilst also providing and offering an exceptional skin care service. The first WOW facial centre was launched in October 2017 and since then the brand has grown due to the exceptional results seen after a WOW facial.®

What is the WOW facial?

  1. Cleanse and Prep

  2. Peel and Treat

  3. WOW Fusion

  4. WOW Light

  5. The Mask by WOW Facial

  6. Finish and Protect

WOW Team