What is WOW fusion?

WOW fusion is stage 3 of the full WOW facial and can also be performed by our expertly trained practitioners as a stand-alone treatment. An innovative micro-needling device that allows the practitioners to create hyper-personalised skincare solutions that are ideal for your skincare needs. A truly tailored signature service.

"I realised there cannot be a “one size fits all” approach to skin health, so I partnered with a team of medics to carefully design, test and trial, a product that can actually rejuvenate the skin, using the most advanced skin care technologies available until the revolutionary WOW fusion device was born."

- Claire Williams, CEO and Founder

The Results?

When your practitioner hyper-personalises the solutions, you can expect improvements in skin quality coupled with the micro-needling, this will provide the skin rejuvenation you are looking for.
Now that’s WOW.

Ready to WOW?

There are WOW fusion practitioners across the UK, so if you are interested in trying a WOW fusion facial, select ‘Find a provider’ below, enter your postcode and select ‘Fusion centre’ from the dropdown menu to find your nearest practitioner

Become a Provider

WOW fusion is designed to offer practitioners a fully targeted approach to skin health
If you want to give your clients a hyper-personalised skincare service, contact a member of the team for more information on training at info@wowfacial.co.uk