The best way to rehydrate skin?

If your skin is feeling tight, dry and lacking some of its usual lustre, it may be suffering a bout of dehydration. Dehydrated skin can vary depending on your skin type, and although it shares a lot of symptoms with dry skin such as a dry, dull complexion, and more noticeable lines and wrinkles, other common signs of dehydrated skin include:  
–  A dull complexion
–  A feeling of tightness
–  A lack of volume and elasticity
–  Dark circles under the eyes, or tired or sunken eyes
–  Dehydration lines on the forehead or around the eyes
–  Itchiness and sensitivity
Although it may not be obvious, the day-to-day stresses of modern life may be playing a part in your skin becoming dehydrated. In fact, the juggle of work and home can spike the stress hormone Cortisol causing inflammation which is a common culprit in skin dehydration. Inflammation wreaks havoc with the skin’s water levels resulting in breakouts, premature skin ageing, and sensitivity.
When the skin is dehydrated it may even become red, sore, patchy, flakey and even breakout. Naturally, the first thought is to cover it up, but applying make up over the top can be problematic, as foundation won’t sit well on dry patches and can often end up sitting in fine lines and wrinkles. Cue the face mask, a sure-fire way to reap promising results instantly! 
Off the shelf face masks have been around since forever, they are a go-to in most skincare cupboards, and can help brighten, exfoliate, regulate oil production, reduce acne, and even hydrate the skin in under 30 minutes. With many types to choose from, cream to clay, gel to sheet, each targeted at something different, it can be confusing to know which is best for dehydrated skin. However, when it comes to hydration the best way to rehydrate skin is with a sheet mask, and a high-quality one can provide instant, deep hydration and an enviable glow in a jiffy.
First popularised in Korea, sheet masks typically contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides which are both moisturising for the skin, and can help restore the skin's barrier, as well as antioxidants, which fight free radicals, however, unlike most off-the-shelf sheet masks, The Mask by WOW facial contains a revolutionary formula and is created using a unique technology called TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery) whereby the active ingredients that sit on the underside of the mask are activated by the temperature of the skin to aid their penetration power, leaving the skin feeling bouncier and looking beautifully dewy. 
The Mask by WOW facial is the ultimate solution to tackle the effects of Cortisol - formulated with active ingredients, as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients which act as a soothing antiseptic
that help reduce redness and improve the appearance of broken capillaries, acne, rashes, and burns on the skin. Coming in two halves, the mask can be easily distributed equally across the face, suiting all shapes and sizes.
Superior to its counterparts The Mask is loaded with stem cells and peptides and contains 4% Hyaluronic Acid, more than double the average of this luxury ingredient found in off-the-shelf sheet masks, strengthening the skin’s structure, and preventing water loss to help form a protective layer on the skin, hydrating and promoting skin regeneration from deep within. The natural leaf and fruit extracts work to improve and enhance stem cell regeneration, enabling faster multiplication to give you more elasticity, for thicker and stronger skin. 

New heights

Sheet masks are the perfect on-the-go option to ensure that the skin is consistently hydrated which is why The Mask is the perfect travel essential for any jet setter, offering a touch of in-flight luxury no matter the destination. Skin is renowned for becoming particularly dehydrated during flight, so much so that WOW facial recently teamed with British Airways to offer VIP lounge guests a complimentary gift (The Mask by WOW facial) on Mother’s Day to enjoy on-board. The practical and compact nature of sheet masks make them the perfect travel companion to ensure you feel like the best version of you by the time you land.
“This is perfect for me to take on my travels, I find my face gets so dry when I fly.”
- Female BA Passenger aged 40-50
Whether it be for a post-work destress, ahead of a big night out, to kickstart your vacation, or for a general pick-me-up, The Mask by WOW facial is a versatile skincare choice with brilliantly visible results. The Mask is available at all WOW clinics, online in the WOW facial store, and now at Superdrug, and Sephora too.