Skin Cycling with WOW facial

At WOW facial, we're always keeping an eye on skincare trends...

So after telling you all about #GlassSkin and using banana peel for dark under-eye circles, we're here to guide you through the latest trend: 'Skin Cycling' which has recently gone viral on TikTok and Instagram. 

What is skin cycling? 
Put simply, skin cycling is a new skincare routine that includes some “rest days”, which are basically days when you swap products to allow the skin to work to its natural cycle and recover after using active ingredients. This helps the skin become more receptive to active products when they’re applied, so they will be more effective. 
Skin cycling is a great way of synchronising active ingredients with your menstrual cycle, as the skin’s texture varies greatly due to hormonal changes. This may seem confusing, and at WOW HQ we believe skincare shouldn’t be complicated, so we’ll break down exactly how to cycle your WOW facial products and treatments for the best results…
"Women's hormones can cause dramatic changes to the skin throughout the month, so it's important to pay attention to how your skin is behaving as you move through your menstrual cycle in order to care for it effectively. During the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle, there is an increase in estrogen which naturally evens the skin tone, while in the second half of the month estrogen drops, which can lead to testosterone dominance making the skin become more oily. With this in mind, it's needless to say that synchronising your skincare with your menstrual cycle can be a real game changer for many women."
- Claire Williams, WOW facial founder & CEO

Skin cycling with WOW products

Let’s begin by mentioning that in order to see real improvements in your skin, you should use clinically-proven active ingredients. These are formulations that have been proven in a lab through extensive research to change the skin on a cellular level. 


The Mask by WOW facial is a hydrogel sheet mask loaded with stem cells and peptides that both calm and hydrate the skin. This mask is created using a unique technology called TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery) whereby the active ingredients that sit on the underside of the mask are activated by the temperature of the skin which aids their penetration power. It has incredible calming properties, and used once a month it’s also a fantastic home skin booster, leaving the skin feeling bouncier and looking beautifully dewy. 


Peels: Skin can often lose its glow’ after you hit your 30s due to a slower skin cell turnover. Luckily, chemical peels can help you get that skin glow back. A chemical peel works to eliminate the external layers of the skin - the dead ones with the objective of stimulating collagen and elastin production. The WOW professional peels are available in all our WOW facial centres and some of our WOW fusion clinics too. A regular peel should be an essential step in your skincare routine. We suggest having a peel three times over a 6-week course to get started and then you can drop back to between once a month and once a quarter, depending on your local skin expert’s analysis. 

There are four peels available: after a thorough skin consultation, your professional WOW practitioner will select one of the four which is best suited to your specific skin type.


TripleVit Intense - Retinyl Palmitate (Retinyl palmitate, or vitamin A palmitate, is the ester of retinol and palmitic acid): This is a powerful antioxidant serum containing Vitamin C that helps keep the skin oxygenated and the stem cells in perfect condition. It’s also high in Vitamins A + E thanks to the organic Rosehip oil, as well as Omega 3 + 6, which help rebuild the skin barrier function.  Restoring the skin’s barrier function is vital for glowing skin: a healthy skin barrier gives a smooth and even-toned complexion, whilst a damaged skin barrier presents redness, irritation, sensitivity, breakouts, and dryness. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, we recommend booking a skin assessment at your local WOW clinic without delay.

In order not to irritate your skin, we suggest using the TripleVit Intense once a week to begin with, building up to twice a week and then later up to three times a week at most. 

Synchronised with your cycle

WOW facial Washes: Throughout the month your skin will visibly have different textures, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. In the span of a month, you may experience dry skin, oily skin, and breakouts during different phases.
Menstrual Phase (days 1-7): During your period, steroid hormones Progesterone and Estrogen are low, which leads to drier and more textured-to-the-touch skin. This is time for self-care using the gentlest products, such as our Lactic Acid Wash. This wonder wash hydrates and exfoliates the skin, leaving it cleansed and soft. It also helps to restore the skin’s barrier function, improving the appearance of dry, tired, and uneven skin tones too. 
Luteal Phase (days 14-28): The luteal phase begins after ovulation. This is when your skin is more prone to be oily or spotty, as Progesterone levels are higher. During this time of the month, we suggest using a Salicylic Wash. This gentle yet effective cleanser removes excess oil from the pores, deeply penetrating the skin, washing away impurities, and removing make-up. This is a fantastic product to incorporate for anyone suffering from oily and/or acne-prone skin.
Daily: Synergy 6 NX-GEN SPF 50
No matter what time of the month it is, or which season, the number one product everyone should be using every day is a high-quality SPF. The Synergy 6 NX-GEN SPF 50 by Intradermology is a must-have product. With a powerhouse of antioxidants, growth factors, and peptides, it works to improve cellular health, restore barrier function and increase hydration for healthy, glowing skin. This next-generation product also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus makes for an excellent make-up primer. 
Are you ready to take your skin to the next level? Contact your local WOW practitioner for a tailored home skincare routine that works for you. You can find your nearest WOW facial professional by clicking Find a provider’ from our main menu and following the steps.

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