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Best Skin Care for Women Over 50

Approx 4 minute read | As we approach mid-life our skin naturally becomes thinner and drier as our hormone levels deplete, ageing skin presents itself as fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, crepe-y texture, as well as loss of volume as estrogen declines. As we go through menopause, the body stops making as much collagen […]

How’s the WOW fusion hyper-personalised?

Approx 4 minute read | If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that at WOW facial® we are firm believers that in order for it to work, skincare must be personalised. We believe that everyone’s skin is different, hence the need to treat each individual with ingredients that suit their specific skin […]

Home skincare routine 101

Approx 4 minute read | If you’ve been seeing your skin practitioner for months for regular professional facials, but still, somehow your skin is not showing the results you were hoping for – maybe it’s time you elevated your home skincare routine! As frustrating as it can be, it’s also pretty common – the truth […]

Dr. Kathryn Bell Shares her WOW Story

Approx 2 minutes read Meet Dr. Kathryn Bell, Yate-based WOW facial® practitioner We recently sat down with Dr Kathryn Bell to learn why she decided to offer WOW facial® in her clinic in Yate.  Normally found with her hands in people’s mouths, Kathryn’s passion for helping people to optimise their health and confidence led her […]

Meet Steyning based WOW practitioner Kelly McCready

Approx 3 minutes read | Kelly McCready’s cosmetic career began in London’s infamous Harley Street. Kelly has been a senior nurse, working in local Sussex and London hospitals for over 20 years, and is a member of the Royal College of Nursing and the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses. Her focus has always been on […]

Press | WOW Facial at Vie Aesthetics

Approx 4 minute read | This article was written by Sarah for her blog The Prosecco Diaries and does not belong to WOW facial®. Read the original article on The Prosecco Diaries On Harley Street, at the top of an impressive grade II listed eighteenth-century house is Vie Aesthetics, a small and friendly clinic with […]

WOW! We’re officially ISO certified!

Approx 2 minute read | The team at WOW facial®  have a huge announcement to make: the WOW fusion® device has passed the ISO 13485:2016 quality certification! We asked our CEO and founder, Claire Williams, what an ISO certification is and why it is so important for WOW facial®.  ISO Explained “It is a quality […]