Skinimalism Trend: Skincare Simplified

In the ever-evolving world of skincare, trends come and go, each with its own unique approach to achieving that coveted glowing complexion.

One of the most recent buzzwords that has taken the beauty industry by storm is "skinimalism." This term, a fusing "skin" and "minimalism," encapsulates a growing movement towards simplified skincare routines for radiant, healthy skin.
Understanding Skinimalism
Skinimalism is based upon adopting a back-to-basics approach to skincare. Emphasising the use of less products with simple, clean ingredients. The core idea is to streamline your skincare routine, focusing on what your skin really needs and eliminating anything else. The trend encourages embracing your natural skin, prioritising skin health and reducing the need for heavy makeup to achieve flawless skin.
“Skinimalism is about finding the balance between achieving healthy skin and embracing imperfections. It's not about sacrificing self-care but rather redefining it. It's a movement towards mindful beauty."

- British Vogue

Why is Skinimalism Trending?
  1. Simplicity in Self-Care: In an era of information overload, people are increasingly seeking simplicity and mindfulness in their daily routines. Skinimalism aligns with the desire for a less cluttered life and a more conscious approach to self-care.
  2. Clean Beauty Movement: The clean beauty movement has gained momentum, emphasising products with natural, vegan and non-toxic ingredients. Skinimalism fits perfectly into this trend by encouraging the use of gentle, clean skincare that is cruelty-free.
  3. Lockdown Lessons: The pandemic led many to reevaluate their beauty routines. With less social interaction and the "Zoom effect" making people more conscious of their skin, there was a shift towards minimal yet effective skincare.
  4. Environmental Awareness: Many consumers are now more environmentally conscious and looking for ways to reduce their beauty-related waste. Skinimalism aligns with this eco-friendly mindset by advocating fewer product purchases and less packaging waste.
At WOW facial we know that in order for skincare to work, it must be personalised with actives. Often the reason people tend to use so many products is simply because they are seeking results that they aren’t seeing. Everyone’s skin is different, which is why we treat each individual with ingredients that suit their specific skin requirements. Swapping ineffective over-the-counter skincare products for real, active skincare is key in transforming skin!
For cosmetics to be effective, they need to change the skin on a cellular level. Many products contain active ingredients, but it’s the amount of the ingredient that counts and that’s why transitioning to cosmeceutical skincare prescribed by a medic or professional aesthetic practitioner with high concentration levels will not only get you results, but allow you to minimise your skincare routine.
“I love how WOW's multitasking products take out the complexity and necessity for a longer skincare regime. For busy people like me, it simplifies my skincare routine whilst still delivering outstanding results and my patients love it as it's more economical for their pocket and better for the environment."

- Nurse Luisa Scott, Clinical Director at Newcastle Skin Clinic

We recommend consulting a professional to advise you of a simple, cosmeceutical routine that is optimal for your specific skin type: for the morning, we always suggest using a cleanser, followed by a serum and a moisturiser, topped with a high quality SPF.  In the evening, WOW recommends to cleanse, apply Vitamin C, a night serum and a good night cream for a rested and relaxed complexion in the morning. 
However, if you really want skin that glows from the inside out, investing in regular professional treatments using injectable skincare to improve the cellular health of your skin is key. The WOW facial is a hyper-personalised six-step treatment that, unlike traditional skincare options, strays far from typical one-size-fits-all solutions. A course of treatments prescribed by a skin expert, combined with regular quarterly follow ups, supported with a personalised pared-back skin routine will have your skin positively glowing.
WOW professionals offer a thorough consultation to understand your skin and then personalise a treatment regimen from start to finish, expertly curated tease the skin back to health without overstimulating or creating compromising the skin barrier function.
“I see a lot of people now whose skin barrier has been compromised by the environment or more often using the wrong products. I love how the WOW treatment promotes skin health without the need for multiple maintenance products as the treatment’s results last for months allowing you to streamline your at-home skincare.”

- Nurse Luisa Scott, Clinical Director at Newcastle Skin Clinic

In conclusion, skinimalism is more than just a skincare trend; it's a holistic approach to beauty that reflects a shift towards mindful self-care and environmental consciousness. By simplifying your skincare routine and embracing your natural beauty, you can achieve radiant, healthy skin while reducing your environmental footprint too!

Skinimalisim starts with skin health.  Ready to begin your journey to WOW skin?

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