How to upgrade clients to advanced facials

Approx 4 minute read | How to upgrade clients to advanced facials Who doesn’t love a good facial? Carving out an hour or so from our busy lives a couple of times a month to have our face pampered by the skilled hands of a beautician is priceless.. the relaxing music, the lovely smelling creams […]

A note from our founder & CEO

Approx 5 minute read | A note from our founder & CEO, Claire Williams – Monday, 15th March 2021 The last week has left me feeling reflective… There has been an intense spotlight on women hasn’t there? Starting with cheering on our fellow females in celebration of International Women’s Day, and the next day tearing […]

How Cortisol effects your skin

Approx 5 minute read | What is Cortisol? By RACHEL STAGGS, Advanced Non-Surgical Aesthetic Therapist Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands and released into your blood, which means it travels all around your body and is absorbed by every cell. Cortisol is a hormone that can be classified as a […]

Do we really need a cleanser?

Approx 5 minute read | Big Pharma Makes Millions Selling Cleansers But Do We Really Need Them? By NICHOLA MAASDORP BDS, Level 7 Aesthetic Medicine Do you follow a cleansing routine religiously? Do you practice double cleansing? If you do then you should know that it could be the worst thing you’ve ever done to […]

WOW Fusion for Acne

Approx 4 minute read | Over recent years, it’s reported that there has been a 200-percent increase in the number of adults seeking acne treatment with close to 85-percent of adults experiencing some form of acne in their lifetime, it comes as no surprise this is one of the most common issues that our WOW […]

WOW facial Demo Video

A short overview of the six stages of the WOW facial. WOW facial offers a new approach to skin health, allowing practitioners to specifically target an array of skin concerns using a tailored course of treatments. The facial is personalised at every step to meet the exact requirements of the client’s skin, giving WOW factor […]