Dr. Kathryn Bell Shares her WOW Story

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Meet Dr. Kathryn Bell, Yate-based WOW facial® practitioner

We recently sat down with Dr Kathryn Bell to learn why she decided to offer WOW facial® in her clinic in Yate. 

Normally found with her hands in people's mouths, Kathryn's passion for helping people to optimise their health and confidence led her down the path of aesthetics. Starting in 2015 she has gained a wealth of experience in the area of advanced aesthetics on top of 16 years within the dental profession. Kathryn can now be found dividing her time between dentistry and aesthetics.

“I completed my initial training in aesthetics in 2015 and have continued to gain education and expertise to hone my craft further over the last 6 years”. Kathryn continues: “Aesthetics appealed to me in order to complement my dentistry. I love helping people to look and feel their best and there is no better feeling than knowing you have helped to give someone their smile back. For me, certainly, initially it was about making sure that my art was surrounded with the best frame!”
"The cause of ageing skin is quite a complicated subject, however, genetics is probably the biggest factor!"
When asked what are her patients’ biggest skin woes, Kathryn replies: “People attend with a variety of skin issues including acne, scarring, redness but the overriding issue is signs of ageing including lines, wrinkle and skin texture.  On this matter, Kathryn reflects: “The cause of ageing skin is quite a complicated subject, however, genetics is probably the biggest factor! Other issues such as smoking and high sugar diets would be up there along with exposure to UVA and HEWA on a daily basis.”

What skincare advice do you give your clients?

“I thoroughly believe in the power of combining regular in-clinic treatments, such as the WOW facial®, with great home skincare and above all else...SPF every day! Although this ultimately depends on their unique needs.“

When asked when one should start with aesthetics treatments, Kathryin says; ‘I would suggest starting advanced skin treatments from the mid to late twenties, as we know this is when our skin cell turnover starts to slow along with natural collagen and elastin production. I truly believe that prevention is better than cure and getting started early will pay dividends later on. What we do today will show up on our faces in 20 years time, so how do you want to look in 20 years? Regarding advanced treatment, Kathryn says: “I would recommend having monthly advanced skin treatments to work in harmony with skin cell turnover which can slow as we age.”

What made you decide to partner with WOW?

"I chose to offer WOW facial® as the treatment can be hyper-personalised to each individual’s unique needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all treatment and works to improve skin health and function using distinct steps that blend together for the ultimate skin treat!"
 Kathryn’s top 3 tips for glowing skin after treatment are: 
  1. Hydrate. Keep your fluid levels up
  2. SPF!!! Every day, without fail. Proper stuff not SPF in your makeup.
  3. Home skincare to work in harmony with your in-clinic treatments

If you’d like to book a WOW facial® treatment with Kathryn, you can contact her through her Instagram page: @drkathrynbell. Her website is coming soon too, www.drkathrynbell.co.uk


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