Meet WOW practitioner Reeta Kumar

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Meet Reeta Kumar, WOW facial® practitioner at Rejuvea

Reeta Kumar is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner & Independent Prescriber.

Reeta trained in Aesthetics 10yrs ago following over 27yrs of working as a registered nurse in the NHS. She immediately started her own clinic under the name of Rejuvea & her client base has gone from strength to strength, she is proud to say almost all her clients have remained loyal to her as they trust her skills & know they are in safe hands.

Since 2012 Reeta has worked in a world renowned Harley Street Clinic providing up to the minute skin treatments to clients from all around the globe, who range from ladies looking for a refreshed look to business men wanting slight enhancements to home treatments without it looking obvious to work colleagues.

Reeta says, "the biggest skin woes my patients come to me with are definitely pigmentation and acne. Her advice is to "wear SPF every single day, all year round." She continues, "depending on the client, when they are young I would suggest to start with subtle treatments - such as needling and the WOW fusion®, and perhaps think about injectables when they get into their mid 30s. However, on a daily basis I tell every client to just make sure their skin routine is solid: cleanse well, moisturise and always use an SPF."

"In my opinion, the biggest cause of aging skin is lifestyle choices, followed by one’s diet and environmental factors that are also big issues."

In terms of starting advanced treatments, Reeta recommends "if they are younger and they have suffered with acne, I would start somebody on a prescriptive skin routine even when they are 18 years old with a lot of guidance from myself. If they are looking at advanced treatments like needling or injectables I always suggest to start at 30+, that is a really good age to start with that.

Reeta continues, "I recommend having advanced treatments every few months. If it’s a course of treatments then yes, I would say to have it every 6 weeks but if it is an injectable, depending on what it is, every 2 to 3 months."

"I have done so many WOW facials! Usually when somebody comes in for a WOW facial®, they will go onto a protocol so I can’t give an exact amount to date, but quite a lot!"

We asked Reeta, what made her choose WOW facial® over any other facial brands, she explained "I chose WOW facial because I found people at WOW to be very approachable: Sarah and Claire are always there to answer your questions, and that is always very reassuring when you are starting a new treatment. It means a lot if the people that you are dealing with at the top end like the trainers and the owners are approachable and you can ask them questions and they are there to answer all your queries and concerns. That gives me the confidence to carry out those treatments and the competence to answer any questions my patients may have because I can ask the people that really know about them."

"The other reason why I started WOW is that I love the concept of needling with mesotherapy, patients absolutely love needling and I do too because it’s a safe and effective treatment with very little downtime. The combination of these two treatments was very appealing to me.", continues Reeta.

"I love the concept of the WOW product, the team were very approachable and they still are, they are always literally at a drop of a text."

Reeta's three top tips for healthy glowing skin, "have a good skin routine and keep it simple: it doesn’t need to be complicated, it always helps to maintain skin health. Then I would add Vitamin C, as well as a good quality SPF.

If you’d like to book a WOW facial® treatment with Reeta, visit her website or email her at You can also follow her on Instagram: @rejuvea

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