Meet WOW facial practitioner, Michelle Worthington

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We recently interviewed Michelle Worthington, WOW facial's Sutton Coldfield-based practitioner

Michelle Worthington qualified as a nurse in 2004 and obtained her specialist degree in Peri-operative practice in 2010.  She is currently running MWAH (Michelle Worthington Aesthetic Health Ltd), a successful clinic in Sutton Coldfield.  She is also a trainer at Cosmetic Courses and is studying towards her Level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine.
How long have you been working as a practitioner? 

I have been working in aesthetics for three and a half years. After working in the NHS for almost 20 years, I was ready for a complete change of career.  Following an injury to my back, I needed an area of nursing that didn’t involve any manual handling of patients or lifting/moving of heavy equipment.  I had started to have anti-wrinkle treatments myself and loved the results, patients walk in and out of the clinic, I enjoy art, thus a career in aesthetics seemed a suitable sidestep.

Which are the biggest skin woes your patients come to you with?

The obvious one is of course fine lines and wrinkles.  As my niche market is pre & post-menopausal women common woes are usually dehydrated skin and pigmentation following years of not understanding the importance of wearing a daily SPF.

What skincare advice do you give your clients?

I am often shocked at how many of my patients don’t have a basic skincare routine, use over-the-counter wipes or just use soap in the shower followed by E45 cream or Oil of Olay!  I don’t like to overwhelm them, so often just introduce a daily morning and evening cleanse, morning SPF and a night cream. I slowly grow their skincare collection along with their understanding of the importance of skincare and how it is the foundation of their injectable treatments.

What would you say it’s the biggest cause of ageing skin?

Factually we know that photo ageing is one of the main causes of skin ageing, mainly solar radiation from UVA rays.  However, in my clinic, I would say it’s notable loss of collagen and elastin following depletion post-menopause.

What age would you recommend beginning to have advanced skin treatments?

Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure.  I advise my younger patients with seemingly healthy skin to look after it correctly in a bid to hold off advanced treatments.  I don’t have a specific age: I just treat and recommend what would compliment the patient in front of me.

How often do you recommend having an advanced treatment?

It depends on what I am treating.  For a skin boost, I recommend one WOW  Fusion treatment as a one-off for a special occasion ten days beforehand.  I advise the longevity of this is short (up to 3 months), due to natural skin turnover so they are not dissatisfied with the result.

If it is for a long term skin rejuvenation, such as acne/acne scarring or rosacea and there are no budgetary constraints, I suggest a course of three to four treatments 14 to 21 days apart.  I construct an individualised treatment plan including a further course of micro-infusion treatments usually six months following the last treatment.

How many WOW facials would you say you've done to date?

I have completed 33 WOW fusions®, 6 courses and various “one-off” treatments.

What made you choose WOW facial® over any other facial brands?

I love how the treatment can be hyper-personalised with the bespoke cocktails.  I was new to the skin side of aesthetics when I invested in WOW®, the simplicity of the device was really important to me.

What made you decide to partner with WOW

I met the WOW team at Aesthetic Medicine Live in March 2020.  I went to the show expecting to invest in the Skinpen, however, after speaking to Sarah Brown, discussing the treatment, downtime, cost-effectiveness and results I decided to open my mind and try something new to the market.  Plus, I had a feeling I would be well supported by the company, which I have been.

What are your top three tips for healthy glowing skin post-treatment?

1) I always say the patient must comply by wearing a high-quality SPF, this is documented in the consent form.  For those booking a course of treatments, they get a Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 complimentary following their first treatment.  For those having a one-off treatment, they have the option to buy it with a 10% discount. I also always advise the importance of a cleanse and use a good quality night cream. Lastly, for those having treatments for acne, I always suggest a salicylic wash.

If you’d like to book a WOW facial® treatment with Michelle in Sutton Coldfield, visit her website: or email her at, or find a practitioner near you, select Find a provider’ from our website menu, enter your postcode and use the 'Category' dropdown menu to select 'WOW facial centre', then hit 'Search'.

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