The WOW DNA Hair Restoration Programme

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The WOW DNA Hair Restoration Programme explained

When hearing the word “mesotherapy”, most people will immediately think about skincare, but mesotherapy can actually be used to treat many other concerns, including hair loss. 

Mesotherapy for hair loss is a treatment that is gaining popularity because its both effective and non-invasive.

There are many factors that can cause hair loss such as dietary deficits, high-stress levels, scalp issues or genetics. The key in successfully treating hair loss is to pinpoint exactly what causes it so that you can prescribe the right treatment to your patients

That’s why we’re excited to announce we’re launching our -


New WOW Hair Restoration training 

brand new, hyper-personalised treatment by WOW

The WOW DNA Hair Restoration treatment is hyper-personalised just like all the other treatments available at WOW. Anyone who chooses to take this training will in fact receive a DNA testing kit to use on their patients, this will help understand exactly what is causing the hair loss, instead of wasting time prescribing treatments that don't work.

The results of the DNA test will help practitioners pick the best cocktail of ingredients to treat each and every patient’s specific bespoke needs.

Training specifics

The new WOW DNA Hair Restoration Programme has been created for doctors, professional nurses, prescribing pharmacists and medics, as well as anyone who has training in WOW fusion® beauty level 3 and above.

This training is essential for all who wish to use prescription-only ingredients in the WOW fusion® device and you must be a professional to attend the course which will be carried out by Sunil Kochhar: a prescribing pharmacist who will be also available to prescribe any unlicensed compounded product that isn’t available over the counter, in case some of the practitioners taking the course aren’t able to prescribe the unlicensed products for themselves. 

The course will cover an array of topics including:
- causes of hair loss
- hair follicle anatomy
- the hair growth cycle
- epigenetics
- personalised medical treatments
- common scalp problems
- scalp mesotherapy
- nutritional supplementation
- complications
- aftercare
For more information on the WOW DNA Hair Restoration Programme Training and for booking your spot, please email us at