A note from our founder & CEO

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A note from our founder & CEO, Claire Williams

- Monday, 15th March 2021

The last week has left me feeling reflective…

There has been an intense spotlight on women hasn’t there? Starting with cheering on our fellow females in celebration of International Women’s Day, and the next day tearing down Meghan Markle after speaking out during her controversial interview with Oprah. On Wednesday we all heard the terrible news of Sarah Everard which prompted 100s of women to share their own stories of walking home alone in fear. Then, we went on to celebrate Mothers day yesterday - a day that can be a double edged sword for many.

With all this in mind, it got me thinking about my own journey as a woman, about my annoyance at all the times I’ve been told I’m successful because I “think like a man” or that I “have too much masculine energy”. I don’t think like a man I think like me! I encourage you to think like you too.

I’ve been reflecting upon all the times I’ve been told what I do is “vanity” by men, all the times I’ve been questioned about why I wear make-up or why I have aesthetic treatments.

I’ve also been questioning the agendas of people who look at me sympathetically because I’m ‘single’ - I do what I do because I’m passionate about it, I present myself how I present myself, because that is what I do. I’m single because I want to be, I am capable of looking after myself and choose to put myself first!

But then, one of our clients sent me a picture of a skin transformation after using our WOW peel, and it reminded me that what I am doing has this at the core of it. I want to make a difference, I want to challenge, and tomorrow and everyday I am going to choose to challenge.

I want to innovate and bring innovation to the predominantly female owned industry that I love. The number of UK female owned businesses is now at 32.37%, highlighting a remarkable shift from 2016, when just 17% of founders were female!

Why am I telling you all this? Because, Women's Day 2021 is 'Choose To Challenge'. ⁠and the idea behind this is that from challenge comes change. ⁠

As well as challenging and calling out gender bias and inequality, we can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

With this in mind, I would LOVE you to share your WOW achievements with me, your before and after transformations, your happy client feedback, and your own journey of being part of the WOW community. I want to share your stories, so we can celebrate each other’s wins together and implore other women to WOW with us too.

Collectively, we can all lend support to our fellow women, and ultimately everything starts with each and every one of YOU!

Happy being a woman everyday!

Love Claire, founder & CEO at WOW facial

Ps. The Story of Sarah Everard really hit home with me, because I too lived in Brixton at her age, and often went out in Clapham. At this time, so many things happened to me by men - so if this story has personally affected you too, I’d be happy to share my experiences with anyone who might like to talk about theirs too x #togetherwearestrong