Everything need to know about sheet masks

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If you’re looking for instant skincare results, most sheet masks come loaded with potential beauty benefits to hydrate, clear, and refresh skin that's in need of a little more than your usual skincare routine can provide. These single-use masks make you feel pampered and look radiant, plus a mandatory selfie while wearing them makes your skincare routine a little more fun too!

Originally stemming from South Korea, like much of the best skincare, sheet masks offer a fast mini-treatment with an abundance of glow-inducing benefits. These serum-soaked cloth masks are spread over the face with holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth, for 20 minutes leaving you with soft, smoothed, plumped, beautifully dewy-looking skin.

The Mask by WOW facial isn’t just any sheet mask, it’s a WOW sheet mask. Unlike other masks, it comes in two halves; so that you can place the top and bottom half perfectly on your face, making it suitable for all face shapes and sizes. Additionally, eye covers are included to rehydrate and rejuvenate the most delicate area of your face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness at the same time.

Unique Technology

Using a unique technology called TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery) The Mask by WOW facial is activated by the temperature of the skin, aiding the penetration power of the ingredients on the underside of the mask.
The active ingredients within The Mask by WOW facial offer anti-inflammatory, calming, and antiseptic properties, making it the ideal treatment after needling, so if you have experienced a WOW facial, you’ll know that The Mask is used after the in-clinic microneedling procedure to calm any redness or inflammation. However, The Mask was originally designed to be a stand-alone treatment and is loaded with stem cells and peptides which both calm and hydrate the skin. 
"Having regular professional treatments is a fantastic investment for your skin, but if you really want to take your skin to the next level your home skincare routine is the key!"
- Claire Williams, WOW facial founder & CEO

A skin-loving powerhouse

With 4% Hyaluronic Acid to strengthen the skin’s structure, and prevent water loss, Claire explains, “The Mask helps to form a protective layer on the skin to hydrate and promote skin regeneration from deep within.

Claire continues, “the Rhododendron Leaf Extract supports and stimulates epidermal regeneration while Alpine Rose Leaf Extract combined with Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract work to both improve and enhance stem cell regeneration by enabling faster multiplication to give you more elasticity, for thicker and stronger skin”.

Last but not least, the Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract provides highly healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help reduce any redness and improve the appearance of broken capillaries, acne, rashes, and burns” adds Claire.

The Ultimate Skin Rehydration

Many of us spend extended periods in front of a digital screen, so if you want to give your skin a boost at home The Mask is a fantastic treatment that’s simple to use with effective results, leaving skin feeling bouncier and looking dewy.
Claire Williams, founder and CEO at WOW facial recommends using The Mask “before a big event or a night out, as it primes the skin for a flawless make-up finish.” She continues, “if you slip it back into the sleeve afterward, and pop it in the fridge, it’s also a great way to reduce redness and rehydrate your skin after drinking alcohol the next day, too!”
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