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If youve been seeing your skin practitioner for months for regular professional facials, but still, somehow your skin is not showing the results you were hoping for - maybe it’s time you elevated your home skincare routine!
As frustrating as it can be, it’s also pretty common - the truth is, in order to get the full effects from your professional treatments, you need to make sure that you are really taking care of your skin at home too - a hyper-personalised routine that is

The importance of having a home skincare routine

Visiting your favourite clinic religiously is one of the best investments you can do for your skin, but if you really want to take the #skinvestment up a notch, then pairing that with an at-home routine is the best combo and your skin will certainly thank you for it!
Here are some of the benefits to having a home routine: 
  1. It will really bring the best out of your skin, especially if paired up with professional treatments. 
  2. If you invest in your skin now, it will save you money later!
  3. Spending 10-15 minutes looking after yourself is an act of #selfcare
  4. Taking care of your skin can help you add other healthy habits into your lifestyle, such as improving your diet or regular exercise and so on. 

Skincare routine essentials 

When implementing a skincare routine at home, there are certain must-have products that should definitely be on your shopping list: for the morning, we always suggest using a cleanser, followed by a serum and a moisturiser, topped with a high quality SPF.  In the evening, WOW recommends to cleanse, then apply Vitamin C, a night serum and then a good night cream for a rested and relaxed complexion in the morning. 

How to WOW at home

There are some ingredients that are better suited to work on certain skin conditions: from peels and serums to moisturisers and SPFs, the WOW skincare range has a product designed for each and every skin type
For dry skin
The WOW facial Lactic Acid Wash is an active facial cleanser designed to revitalise the skin and improve the appearance of dullness, dry patches, unevenness and tired-looking skin. A 2% Lactic Acid wash can help to restore the skin’s barrier function and improve your overall skin tone. It deep cleanses the skin and helps to remove environmental pollutants, make-up and impurities. The action of lactic acid also hydrates and exfoliates, leaving skin cleansed, soft and prepared.
For oily and acne-prone skin
The WOW facial Rebalance Cleanse & Prep is an active facial cleanser designed for use with water on oily and acne-prone skin. Using 2% Salicylic Acid gently but effectively removes excess oil from the pores. The advanced properties help to reduce build-up of acne bacteria leading to a reduction in the appearance of blemishes. This is another deep penetrating cleanser that helps to remove environmental pollutants, make-up and impurities
For red, sensitive skin
Intense repair complex - PM
WOW facial’s Intense Repair Complex contains moisturising and restoring ingredients to repair dry, sensitive or red skin. This specialised complex of shea butter and amino acids synergistically help to restore and rebuild the skin’s barrier function to improve the comfort, hydration and health of the skin. Added active ingredient Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract promotes skin regeneration, calms the skin and helps to reduce dryness and redness associated with climatic changes. Over time, collagen production is increased leading to a smoother, more youthful complexion.
For all skin types
The WOW facial Glycolic Acid Cleanser is a regenerating cleansing milk with Glycolic Acid that cleanses and calms all skin types. It is specially formulated with a creamy consistency with extra hydrating properties that will leave the skin rejuvenated. You can read more about this wonder product in our recent article “Why Glycolic Cleanser WOWs!”
SYNERGY 6 NX-GEN SPF 50- AM & reapplied through the day 
Doubles up as a moisturiser and SPF!!
This great SPF is up for an Aesthetic Medicine award, and there’s a reason why! This blend of 6 filters not only protects your skin from UV and environmental pollutants whilst outside, but it also uses advanced technology Arabian Cotton Extract to provide essential protection against blue light from those little electronic devices we’re on all day!
The TripleVit Intense is an antioxidant serum containing Vitamin C which actively stimulates the mitochondria to oxygenate the skin and keep stem cells in perfect conditions. Although we advise this product is best used on a morning post-cleanse to fit in with the body’s circadian rhythm, it can be used all day round. High in vitamin A and E thanks to the organic rosehip oil, it also has omega 3 and 6 to help rebuild the skin barrier function. 
Soothing, restoring & brightening
Sonicated hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin C. This WOW facial revolutionary sonicated technology delivers active ingredients to the skin. Super hydrating Sonic Hyaluronic Acid helps to calm and restore the skin, whilst the antioxidant power of the latest generation 20% vitamin C aids skin regeneration and brightens the complexion. It leaves the skin hydrated and treated.

Why go bespoke?

The information above may sound a little complex, and as every single one of us has a different skin type, essentially it is! That’s why we have WOW facial professionals all over the country on hand for you to seek professional advice and learn which results-driven products will better suit your skin type. 
Remember: products your friend is seeing results from may not be the ideal choice for you, and healthy skin is only as good as the products you use.  No two skins are the same, that is why our products are hyper-personalised to give real results.
Contact your local WOW practitioner for a tailored home skincare routine that works for you. Finally, you can have the skin you’re lusting after!
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