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On Harley Street, at the top of an impressive grade II listed eighteenth-century house is Vie Aesthetics, a small and friendly clinic with several treatment rooms and impressively qualified staff. They have another branch in Essex and specialise in non-surgical treatments to restore and renew.
One of their less invasive treatments is the WOW Facial, 45 minutes of cleansing and plumping of the skin that’s perfect for special occasions my therapist, Maria, tells me.
The WOW facial has six stages to target skin’s texture and luminosity, starting with deep cleaning using gentle acids to prep the pores. A chemical peel then goes on to target excess oil, clogged pores, wrinkles, acne and sun damage. Perfect if you suffer from a mixture of skin ailments.
The WOW Fusion Device is then used to micro-needle hydrating serums deeper into the skin than rubbing them on the skin surface can. This is not particularly pleasant, it’s a tiny (and thankfully, very fine) single needle that Maria presses into my skin over and over again until the whole face is done. It releases serum at the same time, so it’s not like Dermarolling where the needles go on first, and then the serum. It’s particularly uncomfortable where the skin is thinnest around my nose and on my forehead and makes my eyes water. But Maria is lightning quick and moves on swiftly to the LED light mask (below). This is on for 15 minutes to work on evening out the skin and targeting spots and lines.

Next comes a sheet mask of pure hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, and Maria gives me a heavenly scalp massage for the whole ten minutes this is on. The WHOLE TEN MINUTES. It is blissful. She finishes the treatment with some facial massage and adds SPF50 for protection.

My skin is glowing when I get home, it looks firmer and younger. Maria warns me that there will be some peeling and dryness whilst the collagen is being stimulated, and this comes at around day three after the treatment. I follow her advice to just use hydrating oils, no retinol or scrubs. Day five after treatment is the sweet spot if you’re getting this for a particular event. My skin is like silk, it’s baby soft. Lines around my eyes and my acne scarring look more blurred, I continually look as if I’ve slept well and been at some kind of retreat. I cannot get over the softness! It’s like my skin has been renewed. It hasn’t been like this since my teens.

Something that’s quite different about this clinical treatment to others I’ve been to in London is the fusion of medical clinic and spa. The rooms are all sterile and white, but for this treatment, the lights were dimmed and relaxing birdsong music is put on. The treatment included massage. I’ve not experienced a clinical facial like this before, and I kind of liked it.

Maria was so friendly and informative, she’s happy to talk or to let you have a quiet experience as you prefer; I would highly recommend booking her if you can. All in all, a great experience and a highly results-driven treatment that delivers.

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