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We love Megan Barton-Hanson - the star's come a long way since her Love Island days!

Megan visited award-winning clinic Vie Aesthetics (founded by Medical Director Dr Ioannis Liakas) last week for one of their most popular skin-boosting treatments; the WOW Facial. The model took to her Instagram stories to share her experience with the trending tweakment (which includes lots of skin-nourishing ingredients, microneedling & LED therapy) - leaving fans WOWED at her glowing, flawless, 'filter-free' face post-treatment.

As loved by Seema from the RHOC, the WOW Facial is taking the aesthetic industry by storm - and with good reason! This 6-step facial treatment combines potent active ingredients with cutting-edge technology - and can be customised to address your individual concerns. A truly personalised facial experience, for skin that instantly WOWS!

What is the WOW Facial, and just how does it help in achieving younger-looking, glowy skin? We want Megan's skin asap, please! Read on to learn more - and/or click here to book a complimentary WOW Facial for review.

These lavish, 6 stage facials (as loved by Megan, Seema & countless other celebrities & influencers) treat the skin to a cocktail of active ingredients, chosen & mixed to address your individual skincare concerns. WOW Facial's skin-transforming 6 step treatment truly delivers. It's clinically proven, safe and only administered by qualified WOW skincare specialists - so all that's left for you to do is sit back, relax and witness the magic happen!

Enjoying regular facials that actually work - and are devised to cater to our skin types & needs, means it's never been easier to achieve the complexions of our dreams - daring to bare (our natural skin, of course) this winter.

The only question remaining is, are you ready to WOW like Megan?