Treat your skin this Halloween

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If you love Halloween, you likely already know who you’re going as by now, but have you thought about how to take care of your skin before and after plastering your face with thick, heavy stage make-up

Halloween is the perfect occasion to whip out your best makeup skills, or better still get a professional to work their spooky magic on your face, the only trouble costume makeup tends to be pretty harsh on the skin! Don’t worry though, one mustn’t be deterred from getting dressed up this Halloween, there are some extra steps you can take to to maintain your skin health.  
On the run-up to Halloween (and all year round in fact), we recommend to completely avoid any fragranced products, as well as those containing, parabens BHA and BHT, as these tend to irritate the skin. Another key step in caring for your skin is ensuring that you regularly check the use-by date on your skincare products - they are there for a reason! 

Old products harbour bacteria which can translate into pimples and irritation.. and nobody wants to wake up with a giant spot just before a big night out! Also, remember that your brushes and applicators must also be kept clean, as again they are well-known for harbouring germs and as tempting as it can be, never share them with your friends -Another way to spread acne-causing bacteria!

Pre-Party Prep with WOW

We always recommend a pre-party facial to prep and protect the skin before applying any makeup, especially any heavy foundation. The WOW facial’s six stages will regenerate your skin giving it a great base - for even the heaviest of Halloween makeup!
To begin, the skin is professionally cleansed and prepped, using a chemical exfoliator with skin-loving AHAs such as glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid.  Next, the skin will be gently resurfaced to remove any dead skin cells. Your skin practitioner will select one of the four WOW facial chemical peels, including the WOW fusion GLOW peel - a.k.a the 1-minute party peel!


Once the skin is fully cleansed, our WOW facial® skin practitioner will use the WOW fusion® microneedling stamp  to inject lots of tiny doses of vitamins, and skin hydrating ingredients directly into the skin, allowing the skin to fully absorb every drop. Whilst the skin begins its natural healing process from within, an LED light mask will be placed gently over your face to speed up the healing process whilst also rejuvenating the skin.

After 20 minutes or so, your skin will be covered with our cult beauty must-have product, The MASK. This hydrogel sheet mask full of hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids and vitamins will both calm and hydrate your skin. Finally, a protective layer of SPF50 will be applied to your skin to prevent any damage from harmful UV rays, the environment and blue light. 

The After Party

If you have ever looked in the mirror the day after a big night out and thought your skin looks dehydrated, with new fine lines and wrinkles seeming to have appeared overnight, then you’ll be pleased to know that whilst you might be out on the tiles, the WOW facial® will continue to look after your skin. So instead of waking up looking like a zombie, you’ll be glowing for up to four weeks after your appointment

Your skincare practitioner may have also recommended some great products to use can use at home - such as our Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic washes. The (power-packed) MASK and most importantly Intradermology’s Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF50 - all of which will be helping to support your skin, restore the barrier function and increase hydration.  

So you see, Halloween fun makeup and great skin can go hand in hand!
Ps. Finally, if you have overdone it on the kid’s Halloween sweets, and you’re suffering a breakout - get your glow back with our WOW facial® at Home Kit: this home facial mimics the in-clinic facial on a shorter scale, making it the best way to bridge the gap between your professional appointments
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