Why Glycolic Cleanser WOWs!

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Why glycolic cleanser WOWs!

You’ve probably heard that: in order to have glowing, young-looking skin, you have to exfoliate it.  

You’ve probably heard this before: in order to have glowing, young-looking skin, you have to exfoliate it. That is true, however, the typical over-the-counter products containing micro-beads or DIY home scrubs are not ideal, as they tend to be too harsh and abrasive on your skin. A better solution is a glycolic cleanser, as they are notably less harsh as they contain glycolic acid, an acid which is found in all kinds of skincare products, from exfoliating body washes to chemical peels. 

What is glycolic acid? 

Glycolic acid is an Alphahydroxy Acid (AHA) that is naturally derived from fruits such as pineapple, cantaloupe and grapes or it can also be synthetically produced. Other popular AHAs widely used in skincare products are lactic acid, mandelic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, and citric acid, but Glycolic acid differs from the others because of its molecular size and weight. It is, in fact, the smallest (but strongest!) of the AHAs, which means that it penetrates faster and deeper into your skin, increasing its effectiveness. 

What makes glycolic acid so unique? 

Glycolic acid is an exfoliator that not only targets dead skin cells, but increases the production of new ones, creating a strong skin barrier and improving the appearance of the skin. It’s greatness however, resides in its multitasking functions; when we think of exfoliators, we usually think about dry and flaky skin, as exfoliation removes the top layer of the skin. Glycolic acid however has fantastic hydrating and rejuvenating properties, increasing the production of Hyaluronic acid and collagen, keeping the skin hydrated and firm with anti-aging benefits.

Additionally, Glycolic acid can be a great preparation solution for the skin before a facial, as it cleans deeply without irritation, making it easy for the next ingredients to penetrate into the skin. 

What skin issues can a Glycolic cleanser treat?

Due to its deep exfoliating properties, Glycolic cleanser can be brilliant product to treat a multitude of skin issues too. As it dissolves the dead skin cells it also removes sebum, reduces blemishes and acne, as well as sun spots, hyperpigmentation which will all help to smooth out the appearance of the skin. High levels of any acid can irritate the skin, so it’s important to use a cleanser that has no more than 2 - 10% Glycolic acid, however, if you have particularly sensitive skin or you suffer from rosacea, we don’t recommend using acids, as they may irritate your skin. 

Get ready to WOW!

Glycolic cleanser can make a real difference in the appearance of your skin, which is why the team at WOW facial created the WOW facial Glycolic Cleanser; specially formulated with a creamy consistency with extra hydrating properties that will leave the skin rejuvenated. “Pollutants, impurities and make-up can take a real toll on our skin, that is why I always suggest to my clients to use this cleanser, as it leaves the skin clean, prepped and revitalised”, says Claire Williams, Founder and CEO at WOW facial.
WOW facial Glycolic Cleanser is the first stage of the WOW facial, whether you’re having a professional facial in a clinic or at home, using our revolutionary WOW facial At Home Kit. 

However you choose to incorporate WOW facial Glycolic Cleanser into your skincare routine, rest assured your skin will thank you! It will not only be be left feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and deeply hydrated, but glowing too . Now that’s WOW! 

If you’d like to get your hands on our WOW facial Glycolic Cleanser, select ‘Find a provider’ from the main menu, enter your postcode and choose ‘WOW facial centre’ from the dropdown category filter, then click search. Your nearest practitioners will be listed, so you can contact your nearest clinic to purchase the WOW facial Glycolic Cleanser or book a skin assessment to begin your skin health journey.