Adult Acne Explained

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Adult acne, or post-adolescent acne, is acne that occurs after the age of 25. On the contrary to popular belief, acne isn’t just a problem for teenagers!

In actual fact, according to studies by the NHS, 95% of people are affected by acne to some extent right up until their 30s, and whilst acne often tends to disappear when a person hits their mid-20s, in some cases, acne can continue right into adult life with 3% of adults still suffering with acne over the age of 35.


What causes Acne?

There are four factors that contribute towards acne; acne begins with an overproduction of sebum, produced by tiny sebaceous glands attached to hair follicles, found near the surface of your skin. This sebum can be likened to a “thick syrupy oil”, blocking the skin’s hair follicles and pores. The skin then starts to attract a “sebum eating bacteria” which in turn causes inflammation and redness in the skin.

If you are suffering from acne, I personally empathise with you, as I battled with severe cystic acne myself for years – however after seeing a private specialist at 34 years old, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries which are a common cause of acne, alongside a host of other systemic conditions.

36% of women feel nervous going into a job interview because of their acne”

I spent years seeking help from my GP, only to be given generic advice without any form of nutritional guidance or recommendation on the kind of products I should use to help my skin.

Basic Steps to Combat Acne at Home

There are some changes you can make at home to help combat acne. Some basic steps I personally recommend to help your skin are:
  • Never go to bed with makeup on
  • Avoid face oils
  • Avoid hair products that contain oil
  • Always wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30+ daily (rain or shine)
  • Consider removing sugar, dairy and meat from your diet
  • Eat plant-based meals where you can
  • Introduce hormone balancing herbs and supplements to your diet

These steps alone will not necessarily ‘fix’ the problem, as I discovered, however, there’s a multitude of active ingredients available that can be applied to the skin to help heal and restore it.

Applying these solutions topically will only get you so far though, which is why the WOW fusion device was designed. The innovative needling device has been expertly designed to make painless, small traumas in the skin with 20 titanium 24K gold plated 0.13mm diameter micro-needles, allowing the solutions to flow down into the epidermal/dermal junction of the skin.

A revolutionary treatment for acne

WOW Fusion device is particularly effective at treating both acne, and acne scarring, using ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and multivitamins to add nutrition to the skin, help balance sebum production and reduce inflammation, calming, soothing, and restoring the skin so that you have a less incidence of acne.

In terms of acne scarring, WOW fusion is seen as a world-class treatment for combating the depressed skin that acne tends to leave behind. The device helps to stimulate collagen and elastin, plumping and smoothing out the skin, reducing the tension that depressed acne scarring causes. Skin soon becomes brighter, smoother, and healthier with an overall more youthful look, due to the increased production of natural collagen.

Maintaining skin health

Depending on the requirements of your skin, incorporating a simple yet hyper-personalised skincare regime at home will also help you maintain good skin health. Following your treatment, and taking into account the results of your skincare assessment, your practitioner will suggest a specific combination of an active cleanser, active serum, active moisturiser, and SPF for you to use at home between treatments.

To find a WOW practitioner near you, visit our website and select ‘Find a provider’ from the main menu, enter your postcode and choose ‘WOW facial centre’ from the dropdown category filter, then click search. Your nearest practitioners will be listed, so you can book your skin assessment and start your journey back to clear skin.

Author: Claire Williams

CEO and Founder of WOW Facial Ltd.

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