What is Hyper-Personalised Skincare?

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Most people don’t know what hyper-personalised skincare actually is or why it is a better option for all.
Here we breakdown what the difference is between traditional skincare and active skincare, as well as why hyper-personalised skincare could be the answer to you’ve been looking for to combat your skin woes.

When clients visit a skin care expert about their skin concerns, they’re often reluctant to change the skincare products they are using at home. This is usually because they like the way that they “feel” which is a common misunderstanding, as it’s actually the skincare products exacerbating their skin issues.

If you change your skincare regimen to a hyper-personalised routine designed to suit your specific skin requirements, then you’ll finally start to see the improvements you have been lusting after.

What does Hyper-Personalised mean?

Most of us have a combination of skin requirements that differ from one person to the next, so there is no such thing as a one-fits-all skincare routine. Hyper-personalised skincare starts with an expert skin assessment, where key points around your skin type are made, along with areas where your skin requires attention. Typically, this list may include open pores, poor skin barrier function, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or sun damage et. Your skincare expert will use this assessment data to draw up a bespoke (hyper-personalised) solution of active ingredients to target your specific skin needs.

What are active ingredients and why should you use them?

“Actives” are natural ingredients, scientifically proven to change the structure of your skin at a cellular level. They ‘actively’ work to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, protect and nourish your skin cells – in short, they create a reaction. Whereas ‘inactive’ ingredients are synthetic, they are used to formulate traditional off-the-shelf skincare products that you’ll find on the high street. These inactive products may look, feel and smell nice, but they don’t provide any value to your skin as they are not biologically active. Therefore you will not see any real changes in your skin.

For years I suffered personally with my skin. I had severe cystic acne and it wasn’t until I went to see a private specialist at 34 years old that I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. This is when my skin health journey actually began; from a nutrition point of view, I removed sugar, dairy and meat from my diet and started to eat plant-based meals instead. I also began to take a specific list of herbs and supplements designed to balance my hormonal system and after a year, I noticed a huge improvement in my skin health with a great reduction in cystic acne.

However, at this time I started to suffer from another skin condition known as Rosacea, which was a knock-on effect of having poor skin health over a number of years. This had led to a weakening of my skin barrier function which increased my skin sensitivity, causing redness and irritation which was being exacerbated by pollution, sun damage and bacterial invasion.

I’d spent years seeking help from my GP, only to be given generic advice without any form of nutritional guidance or recommendation on the kind of products I should use to help my skin. So, I eventually set out to find answers myself and discovered a multitude of active ingredients available that I could have been applying to my skin to help heal and restore it. That’s when the idea of hyper-personalised skin solutions was born.

Who doesn’t want good skin?

Whether considered medical or cosmetic, most people have woes regarding their skin, so I started to develop the WOW facial. A facial that is designed specifically for you. A six-stage facial of which five out of the six stages allow your skincare expert to select the right active ingredients to target the needs of your skin. Whether oily or dry, dehydrated or acne-prone, rosacea or irritated, sensitive or pigmented, there is a solution for you. WOW facial is the first hyper-personalised multi-stage facial to hit the market.

In all honesty, calling it a facial is something of an understatement when you compare it to any other facial, WOW facial is a medically inspired treatment designed to combat skin conditions, and treat and improve skin health. Unlike any of the other facials available on the market, WOW offers 167+ variations, so you are guaranteed to get a facial that suits your skin and gives you real results.

Your own skin health journey

The results with WOW facial are instant, hence the name! Clients look in the mirror afterwards and usually respond with an immediate WOW. Although it doesn’t end there, as you’ll see a huge improvement in the condition of your skin over the next week, and if you look after your skin using the products your practitioner has recommended, the results can be transformative forever. For best results, we suggest a WOW facial every three months.

Depending on the requirements of your skin, if you incorporate a simple yet hyper-personalised skincare regime at home, you will maintain good skin health. Taking into account the results of your skincare assessment, your practitioner will suggest a specific combination of an active cleanser, active serum, active moisturiser and SPF for you which is all you should need to maintain healthy, beautiful skin long-term.

To find a WOW practitioner near you, visit our website www.wowfacial.co.uk and select ‘Find a provider’ from the main menu, enter your postcode and choose ‘WOW facial centre’ from the dropdown category filter, then click search. Your nearest practitioners will be listed, so you can book your skin assessment and start your own skin health journey.

Author: Claire Williams

CEO and Founder of WOW Facial Ltd.

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