WOW Fusion Training Day- What to expect

When you first arrive to your training day, you’ll most likely be nervous. My advice to you is, there’s no need to be. Everyone else in the room is feeling the exact same way and your trainer will try their hardest to make you comfortable.

The first thing you will do, after being offered a drink, is introduce yourself. Everyone around the table will say a bit about themselves and why they want the training. This is followed by a presentation already prepared and this will teach you about the WOW Fusion device itself, Mesotherapy and the different Mesos you can use with the device. The presentation will also teach you the difference between the 0.6mm device and the 1mm device, and when to use them.

The in-depth presentation also goes through what different skin conditions you can treat, how to treat different skin types, how to use Prescription only ingredients in the device and also shows you all the protocols, so you know just how much to use and how to use the device and the meso correctly. It may not sound like a lot, however the presentation itself takes about an hour and a half give or take, so you will learn everything you need to and more. In most cases there will be some WOW Fusion devices there and the different Mesos for you to see first-hand how it all looks.

When that’s all finished there will be a break for you to eat something and for everyone to talk for around 30-45 minutes. Most of the time all the delegates practice on each other but in some cases, there will be a model who will come in the break and get ready. When the practical starts, the trainer will tell you how to mix the right meso( there are so many different combinations for you to use depending on the skin type) with the Prescription only ingredients and you will have to perform it first-hand.

Even though you have read all the protocols the trainer will remind you of the correct amount to use in the device and how to mix it all together at the right time. Each person will each have to cleanse the skin, practise on the delegate with the right mixture, and after use the Serum and WOW factor to protect the skin after the use of the device.

If at any time you need help, the trainer will be there ready to help you at any time. After everyone has practised on each other, you will have the option to buy the WOW Fusion devices and the meso, which also comes with the drop box link to see all the protocols, consent forms and marketing files.

Because WOW Facial is a community, you can join the groups on social media and have access to help and many connections who are all using the WOW Fusion device. However, this training is essential if you want to use Prescription only ingredients in the WOW Fusion device and you must be a professional to attend the WOW Fusion training. It helps you with everything you need, and the trainers are open to any question or help you need to help others.