Essential oils for a better mood, health, and life

Essential oils literary can influence on our mood and health. Smells are building the bridge between our brain, emotions, and feelings.

Stimulating our brain cells with aromatherapy we can improve digestion, boost sexual energy, treat depression and maintain a pleasant environment in the house. But what should we do, if we never tried aromatherapy at home before?

Here are some tips about using essential oils at your home.

How to pick a perfect oil?

The first thing you should notice going to store — there are no cheap natural essential oils. If it cheap you probably cannot trust it. But a lot of aromatherapist and people who buy essential oils long time often complain about the quality and characteristics of oils, even if they buy the most expensive ones.

There is a belief that you can trust this brands:

  • Styx,
  • Vivasan,
  • Primavera,
  • Atok,
  • Bergland,
  • Karel Hadek

Now, what we know brands we can use, we need to find the most suitable oils.

From the one hand, you can just smell it and pick those which you like more, but if you have special goals, here is the list of useful properties of each oil.


In order to improve digestion use essential oils of juniper, fennel, rosemary. Sweet orange essential oil can remove toxins from your body, improves bowel function and help you to lose weight as well.


Smells of sandal wood, rose, jasmine, lemon balm, chamomile can make a good calming effect and will be great for a good night sleep.

If you want to strengthen sexual desire and increase passion use bergamot, ylang-ylang, and neroli.


In order to relax use essential oils of cypress, vanilla and muscat sage.

If you want to prevent the appearance of bacteria and to disinfect the air, you can use pine, yarrow, cinnamon and lemon.

After you picked your oils you can spread them in the air with help of atomizer or air humidifier and instantly your home become a better place.

Moreover, here some rules to keep in mind, before picking, mixing and using essential oils:

  • You feelings are the most important material and it’s the only thing you should care. If you don’t really like the smell of one of the proposed oils and if you don’t feel right about it — don’t use it, even if someone says it’s magic.
  • Avoid getting pure essential oil on the body, most likely it will irritate your skin, because of it has strong concentration. Mix it with basic oils, like olive or jojoba, if you want to use it during the massage and do not put it in the bath, cause it doesn’t soluble in water, thus it can cause same problems.
  • You only need few drops of it. When you following recipe you found on the Internet, then you already know how much drops you need. But if you creating your own mix, make sure you have 3-7 drops of essential oil and then when you try it and feel that you need stronger smell you can add more.