Top 10 WOW Women in the Public Eye

Our Top 10 Beautiful Natural Women in Showbiz

The world of stardom can be a whirlwind, whether you are out jogging in the park or sashaying down the red carpet in pearls and Prada heels it seems that for women in Showbiz all eyes are ever upon you. As role models to the world, celebrities can have a massive impact on our notions of health, beauty and wisdom. Being a natural beautiful woman can help to inspire millions across the globe and encouraging others to be body positive and to feel good about who they are turns you into a wow woman that shines. These 10 have chosen the natural look, looking after their skin with treatments like the WOW Facial ensuring they are flawless from tip to toe, and are able to boast beauty that glitters and glows from the inside out. These are our top 10 wow women in the public eye who inspire us all to be beautiful natural WOW woman that don’t need to hide from the world.


1. Meryl Streeph

With golden globes galore, an award winning acting career and a naturally gorgeous glow, it’s no wonder we are so imbued by the classical style and grace of Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep is one of those natural beautiful women who seems to break down all the beauty barriers to be comfortable in her own skin. Of course the Oscar winning actor does have flawless porcelain skin that shines and radiates with pure health. Looking at Streep you can still see the all American cheerleader of her high school days bursting through like a ray of light. Not only does Meryl shake her head when it comes to cosmetic surgery, preferring to age with grace and glam style, but she is as sharp as a knife and has a tongue in cheek style that feels all so refreshing when it comes to Hollywood.

2.Sienna Miller

Beautiful bone structure, a pearly aura that glitters and glows, and a barely there make up style that reminds us how naturally beautiful the Hollywood starlet is. We love looking at the fresh faced vibrancy of Sienna and we also love how open she was with Vogue about how exhausting she finds it being a new mother. Sienna wasn’t shy about sharing her struggles with the world, helping women everywhere to know that if they feel catapulted into chaos as a new parent they aren’t the only ones. Sienna seems to always rock the dab of lip gloss and messy bun look, she is a natural beautiful woman who seems to always look great even after burning the midnight oil.


3.Kate Winslet

Bare faced and beautiful, Kate Winslet is often hailed as one of the natural beautiful woman that radiates with her English rose complexion. Kate is another to shake her head when it comes to preserving beauty through surgery, she says that it would go against everything she was ever brought up believing. With her ivory skin that always looks like she just washed away a rich and hydrating face mask to her sumptuous slightly reddish blonde hair, the Hollywood star continues to be a divine inspiration for all wow women across the globe. Her wax like complexion is often spotted out on the town sporting no makeup, it’s no secret that she isn’t afraid to bare all, however we would love her secret when it comes to knowing the freshest way to quench our skin.


4. Halle Berry

Halle Berry seems to be perfectly encompass the dream of being a natural beauty and this ensures that she radiates with class, elegance and that gorgeous feeling of being confident in her own skin. When Halle is walking down the red carpet she is the ultimate vision of glitz and glamor, but when she is off duty she isn’t afraid to step out without a shred of makeup in sight. Low maintenance hair and naturally flawless skin makes Halle an incredible natural beautiful woman who oozes fresh faced beauty. Throw into the mix the fact that Halle is also strong, smart and incredibly talented and of course you have an exceptional role model who knows how to be an inspirational woman we all love.



Performing for the president, collecting innumerable awards, and being a fierce independent role model for girls to look up to, Queen B is the ultimate confident woman who knows how to be comfortable in her own skin and on the stage. Beyoncé is beautiful inside and out, she has a healthy body image that embraces how beautiful it is to have curves, and how to have naturally beautiful skin. Beyoncé seems to sashay through life, she is an inspiring mother, she gives back to the world through charitable action, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she seems to steer clear of Hollywood nonsense by just letting her work do the talking for her. We love that Beyoncé is paving a new way for girls to understand that dreaming big pays off, and that everything is possible.


6.Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is the all American vision of pure loveliness with her sunshine spun hair, her rosy glow and her blazing blue eyes. After playing everyone from Jane Austen’s Emma to American poet Sylvia Plath, Gwyneth seems to have the knack and the charm for capturing wow women and isn’t shy when it comes to putting her own views forward with regards to being a natural beautiful woman who knows how to be comfortable in her own skin. The all American star claims that she simply gets up and goes in the morning without spending more than a fleeting moment studying her face. She believes in embracing the beauty of being a grown woman and floating along the glory and grace of ageing as opposed to being dragged along kicking and screaming. She also is a firm believer in taking the inside out approach to beauty, keeping he inside clean and fresh so that natural health radiates through.


7.Jessica Alba

A glimmering ray of light, a vision of aesthetic wonder, and someone who seems to truly capture the art of being a natural beautiful woman, Jessica Alba has been lighting up our screens and magazines like never before. Jessica doesn’t believe in pouring tons of time and money into her beauty regime and we love her for teaching us obtainable tricks that can work for all. The simple honest to god goodness of her cleanse, tone and moisturize routine keep her skin as beautiful as a bowl of peaches and cream, the love of essential oils instead of perfume to keep her brimming like a field of lavender, and the belief in staying hydrated, using super rich facial masks and collagen eye masks and taking a class or two of hot yoga, these are starlet secrets we can all pluck from the sky.


8.Helen Mirren

The Queen of the silver screen, of being incredibly inspiring, of ageing in a way we all love, and of being the ultimate wow women who teaches you how to be comfortable in your own skin, we adore Dame Helen Mirren. She is the first to shrug simply and say that of course she looked better when she was younger, but she doesn’t care, and she means it. In a world where women and ageing seems to be a taboo, Helen is tearing down walls and gifting us all an honest, frank and untouched up vision when it comes to beauty and ageing. Her L’Oréal campaign was a glorious reminder that fresh faced beauty can be soaked in glamorous beauty and that hiding behind a wall of makeup and clinging to the boughs of youth doesn’t have to be the way to go. Helen reminded us that age and beauty don’t have to be at odds against one another, that expectations are healthier when realistic, and that getting older doesn’t mean that you need to be pushed to the sidelines of society, that you can still embrace the finer qualities of life without worry.


9.Scarlett Johansson

True beauty is all about balance according to Scarlett Johansson, who sometimes loves to go barefaced and fresh and other time’s falls head over heels with red heels and lipstick. We love this wow woman motto, that everything is interchangeable and that adhering to how you feel at the time is the ultimate way to be a confident woman. Scarlett admits that she was hard on herself during her twenties and thinks other women often fall into the same trap, now it seems that reminding herself and others the importance of accepting who you are and being upfront and honest with yourself, on everything from your skincare routine to your relationships saves a lot of long drawn out time and pain. Scarlet has that dash of glitz, the siren appeal and the undulating confidence to pull it all off, at the same time she is soft and approachable with a touch of bare faced beauty that tempts us in.

10.Kate Middleton

Everyone’s favourite Duchess, Kate Middleton has been snaring hearts like yarn across the world. Whilst there is something utterly romantic about princesses and princes, Kate seems to keep a level head, looking beautiful and spreading a joyful nature as she glides from charity event to charity event. With her lush head of tumbling dark and shiny locks, her rosy cheeked smile, her healthy complexion and her incredible sense of high class style, it’s no wonder the world has fallen in love. Kate seems to be, without a doubt, a natural beautiful woman. She shows us that being a truly elegant wow woman isn’t just about a rosy pink blush and pearls in your hair, but is also about giving back to the world and working on your inner beauty too.