Stress Less to WOW More

Stress is a major problem facing millions of people today and it is the main risk factor for triggering anxiety and depression. Although experiencing some stress is normal and may sometimes even be healthy, prolonged stress however can cause serious health complications that would not only affect your skin and beauty but your overall wellbeing will suffer as well if it is left untreated or poorly managed.

Recently concluded studies undertaken by the American Psychological Association, APA has revealed an increase in stress levels in 39% of Millennials in the past year with 59% of them reporting that they had endured sleepless nights due to stress in the past month.

Whether it is work or school related issues or problems with family or friend, we are all affected by stress and with the countless pages of books offering numerous amounts of information about one form of stress relief solution to the other, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and distressed when seeking for answers.
To enable you make the right decision in getting a real solution to the stress problem, we have selected 10 best ways to relieving stress which have been proven very effective and are certain to make a positive difference in your life if zealously applied.

1. Taking Yoga Classes

Yoga is a mind and body practice which combines breathing techniques, physical poses and meditation to better manage anxiety and relieve stress. The poses help to increase the body’s strength and flexibility, and the breathing techniques help you control your breathing, lowers your cortisol levels and relaxes your mind, while the meditation or relaxation teaches you to be more mindful of your surroundings and keeps you alert and in the present moment, also effectively reducing your blood pressure.

2. Listening to Music

Music is food for the soul and its ability to charm and uplift the spirit has been appreciated for centuries. Recent medical research has shown that some kind of music are triggers for modulating several cardiac and neurological functions. Also, depending on the subjective musical education of the individual, music can help trigger biochemical measurable stress reducing effects and it is increasingly being used as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of several other illnesses in recent years.

3. Laughing More Often

The health benefits of laughter cannot be overemphasized, it keeps you younger for longer with its anti-aging properties and it has been proven to be highly effective at reducing the physical effects of stress such as postpartum fatigue in the body. Letting your feelings out and wholeheartedly enjoying yourself by laughing more often is really a healthy way to relieve stress.

4. Playing With Your Pet

Having a pet around to play with such as a dog is another one of the best ways to relieving stress. Dog owners have been known to be less stressed out than non dog owners, they are happy to have a companion that they can always count on to be by their side and recent findings have revealed that keeping and playing with pets can have a positive impact on the psychological, behavioral, physiological and social development of humans.

5. Taking Regular Naps

When you go extended hours without rest or sleep, it takes a negative toll on your body and drastically increases your stress level. However, taking a 30 minutes beauty nap at midday after sleep restriction can help to improve mental alertness, reestablish concentration and relieve stress.

6. Drinking Tea

Research has shown that drinking black tea over a period of 6 weeks can help to lower post-stress cortisol levels, induce healthy subjective relaxation and aid speedy stress recovery. Black tea activates your sense organs and creates feelings of satisfaction and peacefulness – the ideal scenario for relieving stress.

7. Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal for writing down things that are weighing on your mind, how you feel and how it all contributes to your stress is another effective way of relieving stress-related symptoms. Also, take the time out each day to write about wow experiences and fun memories – basically anything that makes you happy, then try to meditate and reflect on each of them, it would help you find better ways to cope with the stress.

8. Using Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a kind of relaxation technique that can be employed when you find yourself in a stressful situation to help your mind and body relax by using your imagination to take you to a calm and peaceful place in that exact moment when you are feeling stressed. It is highly effective technique for relieving stress when done properly and it may require the use of audiotapes, books or having an instructor around to guide you.

9. Getting a Massage

Besides relieving your body of pain and stiffness, massages are quite helpful in relieving stress. A facial treatment, skin treatment or beauty bath can all help relax the body and calm the mind, the effect is a refreshed and stress-free wow look that is sure to make you feel better both inside and out.

10. Joining a Community

Studies have shown that people who belong to a religious community or a volunteer group are less stressed than people who do not, and people who are more religious personally, have less possibility of experiencing any form of stress-related mental illness than people who are not. So joining a religious community or a belonging to a volunteer group where you can do things freely for others are great ways of relieving stress.