Good food for WOW skin

Skin is our body mirror. It reflects what’s going on inside us, show the world around how do we feel and what did we eat. Really. Every nutritionist can say what do you have in the menu, looking right in your face. So why are we feeding ourselves with harmful and unwholesome products and then trying to hide our skin reaction with makeup?

Healthy eating is not a rocket science and your skin does not require much.

Here are some tips in order to feed your skin with useful products.

Diversify your diet as much as possible

Sometimes we don’t understand where is the problem lays. We can eat healthy food but feel that something wrong. It can happen because we have pretty same products every day. Pretty same breakfast, pretty same lunch and dinner. Because of it, our organism gathers some vitamin and antioxidants, but get a luck of other. In order to avoid this problem add as many products as you can on your weekly menu. Don’t make a huge bowl of food for three days. Try to diversify your diet and keep a trace of vitamins you fill in your body with.

Keep track of your water balance

Dry skin looks old and flabby, thus it’s better to keep your water balance. But the norm of daily intake of water depends not only on your weight and climate you’re living in, it depends on other products you consumption, as well.

Remember that coffee and alcohol removes a lot of fluid from the body and if you have more than normal of it, be sure you have an additional amount of clean H2O liquid.

Reduce consumption of products that cause dehydration and intoxication of your skin.

Smoked meat, preservatives, and products with E additives can be even harmful to our body, so it might be better to think twice before eating it. Deep fried food and products with gluten develop the processes of decay in the body and also cause a bad effect on the skin.

So, what should we eat?


Nuts include lots of vitamin E which protect our skin from sun and toxins. But you need to know when to stop, cause nuts are very caloric. Eat 50 grams of almonds, cashews, hazelnuts or walnuts and your skin will be shiny grateful.

Oily fish

It’s full of Omega 3, and vitamins A and D. It improves blood circulation and as a result, save us from wrinkles and visible aging.

Don’t forget about vegetable fats

Products such as ripe avocado, olive oil, and flax seeds are rich in vitamins B and E. They cause an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on skin, protect it from ultraviolet rays and its resistance to external factors.