5 hacks to make your Instagram photos WOW

Opinion leaders, bloggers, and Insta photographers become new professions nowadays. In comparison with their high-quality accounts, every other private Instagrams may seem secondary or even vapid. But actually, you don’t have to spend lots of time building a composition and photoshoping pictures to make your account more attractive. We identified 5 not too many time-consuming principles to make greater quality and boost your Instagram.

Determine the main element in the photo

Every photo is a story you are going to tell. So what is it about? Is it about the man, or his dog, or house in the background? Who is the protagonist here? Now, when you answered these questions you know how to build a picture, what elements need to be in focus and what things should not be in the shot.

Take pictures in places with natural lightning

Lighting is a key. Shooting from the different angle you change the mood of the picture.

Here are three hacks that will help make better photos:

  • Take pictures in the morning or at the sunset. Soft light much better than the midday sun.
  • Bad weather is your friend. Photos taken in cloudy, fog or even rainy day more lightly have a good quality.
  • Do not shoot against the light. Actually, it’s the number one principle, but everyone already knows about it, we just wanted to remind you about it.

Shoot from different angles

All of us are tired of common, usual photos. Mostly photo taken in an extraordinary way are more interesting and more likely will be loved by others. But you never know which angel will be the best looking, if you aren’t a pro photographer, of course :). For the first time — just try, as much, as you can. The more shots you’ll do the strongest possibility that you’ll finally find that perfect angle.

Use fewer filters

When photos are natural and organic they inspire credibility. Let photos stay as they are. Add some intensity and brightness, if it needed. But try to stay away from standard Instagram filters, people are tired of them.

But if you decided to use filters on your profile, then try to use similar templates and stick to one color palette.

Better quality, not quantity

Have you heard the quotation: “the more — the less”? It applicable to the number of photos you’re posting. If you want to boost your Instagram account it’s better to post one or more photos a day. But if you don’t have that number of quality content it’s better to post only those pictures that fit your page.