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Skin Tightening Without Surgery

In the world of beauty and skincare, the quest for youthful, radiant skin has taken on a new term – ‘snatched skin.’ This trend has those concerned about ageing skin turning to non-surgical skin tightening methods that not only deliver remarkable results but also prioritise the overall health of the skin. At WOW facial, we’re […]

Skinimalism Trend: Skincare Simplified

In the ever-evolving world of skincare, trends come and go, each with its own unique approach to achieving that coveted glowing complexion. One of the most recent buzzwords that has taken the beauty industry by storm is “skinimalism.” This term, a fusing “skin” and “minimalism,” encapsulates a growing movement towards simplified skincare routines for radiant, […]

What skin barrier means

Thanks to the internet, we’re more knowledgeable than ever. But do you really know how to take care of your skin’s defence – the skin barrier? In a world of beauty trends and buzzwords, you’ve likely encountered phrases like “skin barrier” and “barrier repair.” These terms are often thrown around alongside promises of radiant skin […]

WOW facial is listed on The Tweakments Guide

We are thrilled to announce that Wow Facial is listed on The Tweakments Guide, a highly regarded website that offers valuable insights into non-surgical treatments, providing expert links to trusted practitioners for consumers. The Tweakments Guide’s mission is to give consumers unbiased guidance on the Tweakments, including facials, that will be best for them. Founder […]

Will skin redness go away?

Flawless skin has long been an unrealistic beauty standard… and thankfully, we’re finally starting to embrace our bumps and blemishes more than ever. But when it comes to inflammation and redness, relying on concealers and filters isn’t always enough. Itchy, dry and fiery skin can leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable.   The first step […]

Vitamin C = Ultimate Brightening + Anti-Aging Antioxidant

Say ‘Hi’ to your skin’s new best friend! Vitamin C is buzzing around the skincare world, and for good reason, it’s great for your skin! But, do you know why? This powerhouse antioxidant does so much more than just brighten your complexion. Vitamin C helps protect your skin from environmental damage, reduces inflammation, and stimulates […]

Could blue light be damaging your skin’s health?

Most of us know about the detrimental effects blue light can have on our sleep but have you ever realised the impact it can have on your skin’s health? From sitting at a computer all day, to having one last scroll through Instagram before bed – it’s safe to say that we’re exposing our skin […]

The best way to rehydrate skin?

If your skin is feeling tight, dry and lacking some of its usual lustre, it may be suffering a bout of dehydration. Dehydrated skin can vary depending on your skin type, and although it shares a lot of symptoms with dry skin such as a dry, dull complexion, and more noticeable lines and wrinkles, other […]

Women that WOW

This year alone in the UK, around 36,000 children* and young people will enter the care system. That’s 100 children every day, 100 new broken families, and 100 personal stories. At the moment, there are around 103,000 children in the UK who are looked after away from home – these stats are both astonishing and […]