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Meet WOW practitioner Jane Bulbeck

Approx 4 minutes read Meet Jane Bulbeck, WOW facial’s Chichester-based practitioner Jane describes skin and skin care as her passion, she has won the prestigious National Therapist of the Year Award three times to date, as voted by her clients and since opening ‘Jane Bulbeck Salon’ in Chichester in 2003, her clinic has been voted […]

Treat your skin this Halloween

Approx 3 minute read | If you love Halloween, you likely already know who you’re going as by now, but have you thought about how to take care of your skin before and after plastering your face with thick, heavy stage make-up?  Halloween is the perfect occasion to whip out your best makeup skills, or […]

Collagen Boost, Pumpkin?

Approx 3 minute read | As autumn sweeps in, along come the cosy jumpers, the shorter days, and Halloween party plans. With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, pumpkins are everywhere – and whilst you’ll probably purchase one to carve and put on your porch or mantlepiece, this year you might want to consider […]

Mental Health VS Skin Health

Approx 4 minute read | Today is World Mental Health Day – a good reminder to take care of our mental health indeed, but did you know that your mental health can directly impact your skin health? Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and the way it’s looking directly relates to our overall health, including […]

How to minimise large pores

Approx 4 minute read | Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have a lot to answer for when it comes to the perfect skin so many are lusting after.  We all love a filter especially on a bad skin day, but filters distort reality. Many are chasing flawless skin that rarely exists. If you […]

Banana Peel vs Dark Circles

Approx 8 minute read | This DIY hack has gone viral for removing dark circles, so I had to try it This article was written by Jacqueline Kilikita  for Refinery29 and does not belong to WOW facial®. Read the original article on Welcome to Beauty In A Tik, where each week we put TikTok’s […]

Introducing the new WOW fusion® GLOW peel

Approx 3 minute read | We are very excited to launch the brand new WOW fusion® GLOW peel AKA the “one-minute party peel”. The high exfoliating properties in this new Glow Peel noticeably correct early signs of ageing and visibly improve dullness, rough texture, uneven skin tone and promote a revived complexion for the ultimate #WOWskin […]

Meet WOW practitioner Shelley Folkes

Approx 4 minutes read We recently interviewed Shelley Folkes, WOW facial’s Hereford based practitioner Shelley is a registered nurse, qualifying from Southampton University in 2001. Shelley started her aesthetics career after completing her basic training in Manchester in early 2016. She owns and runs The Glow Clinic Hereford that specialises in improving people’s confidence through […]

Injectable skincare is the future

Approx 4 minute read | Injectable skincare has become very popular in recent years, thanks to influencers, aesthetic practitioners and doctors alike who took Instagram & TikTok by storm with up close and personal stories of their treatments and more importantly, their results!  Excited to know more about injectable skincare? Here’s a quick explanation to […]