The Story of WOW

The WOW facial was born in 2017, designed and developed by WOW facial founder and CEO, Claire Williams. Working closely with a team of medics and advanced skincare specialists, many stages and various active ingredients were tried and tested to curate a facial that gave truly transformative results for all skin types, without any downtime or side effects.

Typically, facial products are great for massaging and cleaning the skin, but they don’t actually nourish the skin to bring it back to optimum health. WOW Facial® is a results-driven solution offering hyper-personalised options at every stage to allow practitioners to create a completely bespoke facial for each of their clients.

Claire's Story

For years I suffered personally with my skin, only ever being given generic advice from my GP without any form of nutritional guidance or recommendation on the kind of products I should use to improve my skin health.

I had severe cystic acne and it wasn’t until I went to see a private specialist at 34 years old that I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. It was then that my skin health journey really began; I started with nutrition, removing sugar, dairy, and meat from my diet, replacing meals with plant-based dishes, and also incorporated specific hormone-balancing herbs and supplements into my diet.

After a year, I saw a huge improvement in my skin health, however, although the acne was now at bay, I began suffering from a new skin condition known as Rosacea. This was a knock-on effect from having poor skin health over a number of years, leading to my skin barrier function weakening. My skin became sensitive, causing redness and irritation, exacerbated by pollution, sun damage, and bacterial invasion.

I eventually set out to find answers myself and discovered a multitude of active ingredients available that I could have been applying to my skin to help heal and restore it. That’s when the idea of hyper-personalised skin solutions was born.

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