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Whether you're looking to brighten, refresh or firm your skin, this hard-working in-clinic facial treatment might offer the perfect solution

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WOW Facial is a transformational, non-surgical skin treatment combining some of the most advanced skincare technologies on the market to leave skin glowing, luminous and healthy. Unlike other treatments, WOW Facial's are customised to suit your individual skin type and concerns.

How it works
There are six steps to the facial: Cleanse & Prep featuring an active exfoliating cleanser; Peel & Treat which uses one of four peels to suit your skin – Bright, Clarify, Glow or Resurface – Wow Fusion, a needling/mesotherapy device using a cocktail of the highest grade vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can target anything from dehydration to photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation; Light Therapy using blue, red or green LED light to stimulate collagen; the signature hydrating WOW Mask featuring stem cells and peptides to reduce any redness, and Finish & Protect including an eye cream and sunscreen. Your practitioner can also add microdroplets of botulinum toxin for an even fresher look.

The procedure
Firstly, my skin was double-cleansed and de-greased, before the ‘Glow’ peel was applied to my skin for a few minutes – this is formulated with a combination of mandelic, lactic and citric acids to visibly improve the appearance of dullness, rough texture, uneven skin tone and promote a revived and glowing complexion.

It was slightly tingly and hot but nothing too painful; as my skin is sensitive, my clinician Roxana also told me to let her know when it felt too active and stimulating.

Then it was on to WOW Fusion, where my skin was micro-needled with hyaluronic acid and WOW Age Complex – this included vitamin C, Rutin and amino acids to help heal the skin from advanced photo-ageing and is also a powerful antioxidant. The microneedling action combined with mesotherapy is said to stimulate the wound healing response and release growth factors.

Packed with stem cells and peptides, the cooling mask was then applied, with healing and redness reducing LED red light therapy applied over the top.

To finish, Roxana performed a fantastic head massage before applying an SPF50 day cream and eye cream. I can see why it’s called a Wow facial as afterwards, I can honestly say my skin had never looked better, airbrushed and even toned. This lasted a couple of weeks.

Who does the treatment suit?
This is an excellent facial to have before an important event, plus it is suitable for all skin types – as every treatment is tailored, even sensitive skins can be treated.

Is there any downtime?
There’s no downtime at all – I was a bit red from the microneedling, but I applied some mineral makeup and it had gone down after an hour or so.

How many sessions are required?
You only need one treatment for a glow up that lasts up to three weeks.

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