How to Heal Dry Skin

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Expert tips for Winter Skincare

Whilst winter brings many highs of cosy nights by the fire, snowy walks, afternoons with friends in the local pub and, festive markets, there are some slightly less desirable side effects from the cooler temperatures and minimised sunlight, namely blemished skin.

“Winter skin” is most definitely a thing, and although it can present in different ways, from dark under-eye circles, to a duller appearance or for many, dry, itchy and sometimes even flakey skin - almost everybody will suffer from some kind of skin impairment in the cold season. Fortunately, we’ve got some expert tips for upping your winter skincare game to ensure your complexion is looking hydrated and glowing.

Before we begin to talk about tackling winter skin, it’s important to understand what causes the skin to become dehydrated during the winter. Firstly, our complexion is greatly affected by external factors: the biting cold and freezing winds are noutouriously known for drying out the skin. Paired with spending more time indoors with the heating cranked up or by the fire, and you’ll have the perfect scenario for dried out skin. 

The festive season also brings stress into the equation with Christmas shopping and event planning galore, perhaps with a little excessive alcohol consumption thrown in and maybe some over-indulging in all kinds of yummy festive treats.  You can read more about how stress can greatly impact the skin in our recent article by Rachel Staggs.

Winter skin remedies

Every skin expert with tell you - for glowing skin, you must stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. At least 1.5 litres of water is enough, but the more, the better. When at home with the heating on, remember to turn the humidifier on too - as this will balance out the dry heat and help your skin retain its natural hydration, thus combating those dry and itchy patches. Using a sheet mask once a week can also be a great way of helping the skin stay hydrated and promote skin regeneration from deep within. The MASK by WOW facial is a powerhouse mini-treatment with hyaluronic acid, stem cells and peptides which help to form a protective layer on the skin. It is a fantastic stand-alone treatment that’s both inexpensive and easy to use at home.

No matter how many serums and creams are applied, dry skin will stay dry without some light exfoliation - we recommend using a Glycolic Cleanser to keep dead skin cells at bay. Be sure to use an SPF50 every day, even at home. One not only needs to protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays, but also the environment outdoors in general too, not to mention those digital screen blue lights we use more and more. Using an SPF daily will also help with prevent premature skin aging too. During the winter months we want our skin to lock in as much of its moisture as possible, so when picking your skincare products, look for hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and citric acid.

Seek Expert Skin Advice

Plump, glowing skin year-round is possible for everyone, but the best way to keep skin truly hydrated is with injectable skincare - as it penetrates deeper into the skin making the not only the outer layer appear supple and moisturised, but the new layers will too. The WOW fusion treatment injects vitamin packed goodness straight into the skin to give it an instant boost, whilst also using the powers of micro-needling to encourage the skin to produce more collagen - again, helping the skin to look plump and healthy, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dull skin too.

WOW practitioners are trained to design hyper-personalised routines that suit every individual’s skincare needs perfectly, for visible and long-lasting results.

Image: Nurse Luisa Scott at Newcastle Skin Clinic

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