Meet WOW practitioner Jane Bulbeck

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Meet Jane Bulbeck, WOW facial's Chichester-based practitioner

Jane describes skin and skin care as her passion, she has won the prestigious National Therapist of the Year Award three times to date, as voted by her clients and since opening 'Jane Bulbeck Salon' in Chichester in 2003, her clinic has been voted Salon of the Year twice. Jane Bulbeck Salon has also been awarded the accolade of a WOW Salon of Excellence.

Jane gained her vast knowledge in a career spanning over three decades of working in salons and clinics around the world. After spending several years abroad, in 2003 she returned to Chichester, where she finally made her dream true: she opened Jane Bulbeck salon, a clinic with treatment rooms inspired by her experiences and integrated knowledge. She has diligently earned her good reputation as someone who is passionate and successful in making her clients look and feel wonderful.

“I have an incredible team and they make my job even better.  I couldn’t be more proud” - Jane Bulbeck
“I have an incredible team and they make my job even better. I couldn’t be more proud” - Jane Bulbeck
In 2020, a very different year in business, Jane also gained a Top Gun Award for her positivity and support to clients, fellow therapists, and followers during the lockdown. She tells us that she was absolutely blown away by this award, as she was merely doing what she loves: reaching out to people and helping them feel better about themselves.

Jane continually studies further advanced medical skin health treatments under the teachings of leading experts in her field.

How long have you been working as a practitioner? 

I’ve been working as a practitioner for 35 years now.

What made you go into the field? 

I fell in love with the science of skin when I was about 15 or 16. As a typical teenager, I suffered with congested spotty skin at a time when I cared more about what I looked like.  I got drawn into the promises of high street skin products designed with teenagers in mind, but all that happened was that I was out of pocket and my skin was probably worse. I stumbled across a sign outside of a local skin clinic in Chichester, asking 'Do You Suffer with Acne?' So, in I walked and booked my first appointment. I soon realised that this was science and not some woman just slapping creams on my face. I gradually purchased all the professional products and began to see a vast improvement in my skin.

At the age of 20, I qualified as an Aesthetician/Beauty Therapist. My passion continued to grow as then I was fascinated with the ageing of the skin. I’m now a woman in my 50s and have also suffered from rosacea, so I always experiment with a combination of solutions to bring about the best results. Complemented with an extensive knowledge of nutrition, holistic therapies and medical procedures give me a full spectrum of tools to create the best skincare solutions. Humbly, I continue learning and developing my skills enabling me to treat each client’s lifestyle and individual needs”.

Which are the biggest skin woes your patients come to you with?

Sun damage, Rosacea and all the things that go with ageing skin.

What skincare advice do you give your clients?

We always look at our clients’ skin in our scanner, so that they too can see what is really going on with their skin.  Because most people do not actually have a clue as to what skin type they are and what they should be using, because they have continually been let down by broken promises of high street brands and inexperienced practitioners. Our first job is to gain their trust. We start slowly, but we make it very clear that they need them to commit as well as us and we together can achieve their skin goals.

What would you say it’s the biggest cause of ageing skin?

Stress in all its guises.

What age would you recommend beginning to have advanced skin treatments?

30s generally for anti-ageing, but it all depends on what the problem is.  For example, if it is acne then I would say 16 upwards.

How often do you recommend having an advanced treatment?

It can be from every week to every 6 weeks, depending on what the treatment is and what we are treating them for. LED light, for instance, can be used every week.

How many WOW facials would you say you've done to date?

100’s. I have lost count!

What made you choose WOW facial® over any other facial brands?

Firstly, I knew Claire and kept in touch with her, because I could see her passion in finding skin health solutions which us as skincare specialist can use. I was already doing mesotherapy as well as medical needling and when Claire eventually designed the Wow Facial, it was the easiest decision I made to bring it into our clinic.

What made you decide to partner with WOW?

I love the level of support, training, advice, and opportunities that my business has had with the introduction of WOW.  It feels like a family and that is how we operate.  We have a very approachable clinic with a lovely vibe and the WOW team compliments that perfectly.  Team WOW all the way for us.

What are your top three tips for healthy glowing skin post-treatment?

No exercise for 2 days to really allow all that goodness to be absorbed.  Use SPF 50 (Synergy6 SPF50 Next-GEN ), and the right skin care to really support the treatment.  As I said it involves a commitment from the client too.

If you’d like to book a WOW facial® treatment with Jane in Chichester, visit her website or email her at or find a practitioner near you, select Find a provider’ from our website menu, enter your postcode and use the 'Category' dropdown menu to select 'WOW facial centre', then hit 'Search'.

If you are considering becoming a certified WOW practitioner, please contact our team at We offer regular training courses both in-person and online, as well as ongoing support to all our practitioners.