Interview with WOW facial practitioner, Beth Hall

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Interview with Beth Hall, WOW facial's Bingley based practitioner

Beth Hall, founder and director of The HAUT Clinic, is an Advanced Aesthetic Nurse and Nurse prescriber that has been working within the Cosmetic Industry since 2015. We recently caught up with Beth to ask why she decided to offer WOW facial® to her clients. 
How long have you been working as a practitioner? 
I have been working in aesthetics for five years now.
What made you go into the field?

As a nurse, I already had a real interest in anatomy and physiology – especially of the skin! Around that time, aesthetic treatments were starting to become more and more mainstream - and it all really interested me I love working with people, so I thought it would be great to bring the two together. It was actually my dad that encouraged me to go for it and book onto my initial training.

Which are the biggest skin woes your patients come to you with?

So many! The majority of my patients come to me because they want to improve the look of their dull, lacklustre skin. Then I would say there are those who have ageing, tired-looking skin, that has taken a real hit from years of sun damage. The third most common skin woes are definitely struggles with acne and breakout-prone skin – plus potential residual scarring. Sometimes it is a mixture of all!

Patients usually end up explaining that they have never had much consistency in their skincare routine – and struggle to know which professional treatments to opt for, if any at all.

What skincare advice do you give your clients?

My number one piece of advice is that results should be focused on healthy skin, not perfect skin. I spend a lot of time coaching patients through the emotional side of feeling frustrated with their skin. Especially when they may have struggled for years, and want something to fix everything right now.

I also encourage all of my patients to review their skincare routine at home. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s vital to have a routine that works in order to continue and maintain the results from any professional treatments.

What would you say it’s the biggest cause of ageing skin?

Neglected skin! This can take many forms: sun exposure without sufficient SPF, repeatedly going to bed in make-up, constant dehydration.. It all takes its toll on the skin, sadly.

What age would you recommend beginning to have advanced skin treatments? 

I think it depends on why the patient is accessing treatment in the first place. I would perhaps say that there are no minimum or maximum age limits, but rather it depends on whether someone needs professional support with their skin. That might be for lines and wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation – or someone who just wants brighter, more radiant skin!

How often do you recommend having an advanced treatment?

If it were possible, I would suggest an advanced skin treatment every 4-8 weeks. However, if that wasn’t an option, I would suggest at least once or twice a year.

How many WOW facials would you say you've done to date?
Not enough! Until everyone I know has had a WOW Facial, it’s not enough 😉
What made you choose WOW facial® over any other facial brands? 

The whole ethos of the brand is about individual personalisation, in a way I have never seen another brand do so well. This, plus the advanced technologies that the WOW® treatments utilise, makes it difficult to compete with. Many of the issues and skin concerns that patients present with, as I’ve mentioned above, can be treated with a WOW Facial® protocol.

What made you decide to partner with WOW®

The above! The various stages of the treatment fascinated me. I love the notion of treating the skin on multiple layers. Plus, I am obsessed with the WOW Fusion® device. As well as this, Claire & the WOW facial® team are so friendly, inclusive, and professional. Again, something you don’t get from all companies.

What are your top three tips for healthy glowing skin post-treatment?

Firstly: always ensure you have applied your SPF. Ideally, this should be SPF 50+, for maximum protection. Secondly, hydrate your skin! Drinking sufficient water daily is a simple way to keep skin looking and feeling healthy & fresh. Ultimately, stay consistent. Continue with your skincare routine & book your next treatment!

If you’d like to book a WOW facial® treatment with Beth in Bigley, West Yorkshire, visit her website: or email her at or to find a practitioner near you, select Find a provider’ from our website menu, enter your postcode and use the 'Category' dropdown menu to select 'WOW facial centre', then hit 'Search'.