WOW facial in Ibiza

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Interview with Laura Boland, WOW facial's Ibiza-based practitioner

With two decades of industry experience, Glam Ibiza’s founder Laura Boland has established herself at the forefront of Ibiza’s beauty scene. In this recent interview, we ask Laura why she chose to partner with WOW facial®.
How long have you been working as a practitioner? 
I've worked as a beauty therapist since I left school when I was 16, so it’s been about 22 years now, but I’ve been really focusing on skin care and aesthetics for the last 10 years.
What made you go into the field?
I really suffered with skin problems when I was younger: my skin was congested and I had some acne too, so I was always on the quest to find a cleanser that could help me improve my own skin and ways to make my skin look better, so I didn’t have to put a lot of makeup on. I just love anything to do with skin, it really interests me. 
Which are the biggest skin woes your patients come to you with?
The main one is pigmentation: the sun in Ibiza is super strong, so it’s definitely a common skin concern for lots of my patients. A close second I would say is fine lines and wrinkles and how to make them less noticeable. There’s also been a huge increase in adult acne in recent years: people are really starting to suffer with it more and more in their 30s and 40s.
What skincare advice do you give your clients?
I always tell my clients to drink plenty of water, to use a high-quality SPF50 in their moisturiser and to choose active skincare products, something that has glycolic acid or lactic acid.  It's not enough to apply just serums and oils: you need products that promote cell renewal. 
What would you say it’s the biggest cause of ageing skin?
The sun for sure, smoking and a poor skincare routine: the skin needs to be constantly renewed and hydrated to stay looking youthful.
What age would you recommend beginning to have advanced skin treatments? 
I believe that in your late 20s you could start with gentle peels, and a little bit of skin needling. Both of which work really well to reduce acne scars if you’ve suffered with it in your teens or early 20s. 
How often do you recommend having an advanced treatment?
It depends on the treatment: I recommend the full WOW facial® every three months because it's an intense stimulating facial that works through all of the layers. You could also have a maintenance treatment once a month to prevent dehydration and congestion, and to give you nourished looking, plumped glowing skin. 
How many WOW facials would you say you've done to date?
This is a really tricky question! I think since I became a WOW practitioner about two years ago, I've done around 200+, but that’s just a guess! 
What made you choose WOW facial® over any other facial brands? 
I love the WOW facial® because you can offer your clients so much in one place: it’s more than a quick fix to have your skin look better. It's six different stages of active ingredients that are chosen based on the client’s skincare needs and will treat the skin from the inside out. It's the most thorough facial that I can offer my clients as we start on the surface and we go all the way through the layers of the skin.
What made you decide to partner with WOW®
I just absolutely love the brand. I was doing microdermabrasion and using other traditional skincare brands, but I was looking for something to step up my skincare offering and offer my clients an advanced treatment that would give them real noticeable results. 
Every time I do a WOW facial® I take before and after pictures and there are always several changes: the skin is glowing, the lines are less noticeable, the pigmentation is lighter. I knew theWOW facial® was going to be something my clients would be happy to spend money on, as they see the results and walk away feeling like it was truly worth the investment. 
What are your top three tips for healthy glowing skin post-treatment?
I always advise my patients to drink lots of water. One of the main ingredients of the WOW facial® is Hyaluronic Acid, which is a molecule that attracts water, so the more water you drink, the more you're going to increase the plumpness and the hydration of your skin.
Another must is to always completely cover yourself in SPF: after the treatment, we put a good layer of SPF50 on, and, especially here in Ibiza, you need to keep that topped up throughout the day and the remaining days after the treatment. We have major resurfacing after the WOW facial®, so we need to make sure that the skin is completely protected. And last but not least, book your next WOW facial®!

If you’d like to book a WOW facial treatment with Laura in Ibiza, visit her website: or email her at or to find a practitioner near you, select Find a provider’ from our website menu, enter your postcode and use the 'Category' dropdown menu to select 'WOW facial centre', then hit 'Search'.