Upgrading clients to advanced facials

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Wondering how to upgrade clients from traditional to advanced facials? Read on...

Who doesn’t love a good facial? Carving out an hour or so from our busy lives a couple of times a month to have our face pampered by the skilled hands of a beautician is priceless.. the relaxing music, the lovely smelling creams and lotions, a nice facial massage after the treatmentAll of this sounds sublime, but how effective are traditional facials at treating your clients’ skin woes with visible results?

Is it time to upgrade your facial treatments?

Whilst your clients might like a relaxing treatment, have you considered whether they may wish to take their regular treatment to the next level? 
When we say “next level” what we mean is going from offering to your clients a traditional facial to offering them a results driven treatment. A facial that really takes into account all the skin issues your client is facing and targeting them directly

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to skin care because each and every one of us has a different skin type, which is where hyper-personalised facials come in

Are your clients suffering with their skin?

If you offer your clients hyper-personalised treatments, the results will be guaranteed. The key difference is understanding skin health; why certain skin imperfections are arising and having an array of products to create a bespoke treatment that successfully targets them. 
Typically, facial products are great for massaging and cleaning the skin, but they don’t actually nourish the skin to bring it back to optimum health. WOW Facial® is a results-driven solution offering hyper-personalised options at every stage to allow practitioners to create a completely bespoke facial for each of their clients.
The WOW facial® offers various cleansers with active ingredients to ensure the skin is perfectly cleansed and prepped, a good range of superficial peels with combinations of acids to target the most common skin issues such as acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Claire WIlliams, founder and CEO at WOW facial says “the WOW facial is a six stage facial which after cleanse and prep stages, includes a gentle needling treatment to stimulate the skin’s wound healing response and release growth factors, followed by a healing stage with LED light therapy.  Then a hydration mask is applied really enhance the results and reduce any redness you might see post peel and needling.

“The reason I created WOW facial is because I wanted to have a tried and tested product that could be tailored to each person’s skincare needs without the negative side effects. WOW facials six-step skin transformation treatment has been carefully designed and meticulously ordered to leave the skin glowing, luminous, healthy with long-lasting results” continues Claire.

Why choose WOW?

Training with WOW facial® to become a registered WOW practitioner will not only benefit your clients, but it’s also a fantastic way to further your knowledge and expand your beauty business. Hyper-personalised skincare promotes clients loyalty (great results are addictive!) and has a high treatment value: clients will be more willing to invest in aesthetic treatments when they start seeing results they didn’t see from their usual facial. 

With the in-depth WOW training, you will learn how to examine clients’ skin and what ingredients are best to effectively treat different skin types. In addition, you will learn all the protocols for using prescription-only ingredients, so you know how much of each to use. 

Not only that, but WOW offers ongoing support to all WOW practitioners with on hand skin and treatment advice from the team, help and advice with marketing your advanced facials, free marketing materials for you to use on your website and social media channels, access to the private WOW community group where you can connect with other WOW practitioners, plus regular free live workshops and tutorials to partake in if you wish to. 

How to get your clients to upgrade 

Moving long-time clients from having traditional facials to an advanced course of treatments might feel daunting, however, we will support and educate you, so that you can in turn educate your clients about the inner workings of the skin, debunk common misconceptions and myths they might have and reassure them. Once they understand that hyper-personalised treatments are way better than traditional facials and give real, long-lasting results, they will be more willing to make the investment. 

Explaining about the loss of collagen that occurs from as early as 30, meaning that the skin becomes less elastic, will help your client understand why they develop wrinkles. Then going on to explain that the body repairs itself when a chemical peel is applied or lots of micro-punctures are made with micro-needling, just as it would when you cut yourself, can really help them to see how advanced facials work. Using analogies like these are a great way to break down the reasons why aesthetic treatments are far superior to facials”

Before and after pictures are another fantastic tool: showing proof of real life transformations of people undergoing aesthetic treatments will help your clients make that decision more easily. 
If you’re interested in becoming a WOW facial provider or would like to know more about our training workshops or growing brand, please email info@wowfacial.co.uk.