WOW facial for Rosacea

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WOW facial for Rosacea

In your 30s, after having spent most of your 20s stressing about acne, your skin should finally be clear and smooth, shouldn't it?

In your 30s, after having spent most of your 20s stressing about acne, your skin should finally be clear and smooth, and you should finally be able to put bad skin down as a thing of the past. But that’s not the case for many, as out of the blue, small papule-like pimples that don’t seem to go away and persistent redness of the cheek and nose area may have reared. If you haven’t changed anything in your skincare routine, you probably are wondering what on earth is going on, right?
We asked our skin guru Claire Williams, founder and CEO of WOW facial, what’s happening, and how to make it go away! Claire says, “If you are in your 30s and your skin is flushing, you have persistent redness in the central area of your face, and papules that resemble acne, you are probably suffering from ‘Rosacea’.”


What exactly is Rosacea?

Claire explains, “Rosacea is a very common inflammatory chronic skin condition (in the UK, it affects 1 out of 10 patients), and it can vary in mild to severe forms. Apart from the ones already mentioned, other symptoms can include dilated blood vessels, thickened skin around the chin, nose, and forehead areas, all the way to ‘Ocular Rosacea’, which primarily causes red, itchy, and irritated eyes. Claire continues, “Although it is most common in fair-skinned women between 35 and 60, it can actually affect any skin type.”

Having personally battled with Rosacea symptoms including “oily, bumpy skin, really red cheeks, and nose and annoying flushing”, Claire goes on to say that her “skin barrier has been weakened due to years of suffering from cystic acne and not knowing how to treat her skin correctly, making it the perfect ground for Rosacea to develop.”
Rosacea does not present itself in the same form from one person to the next, so each Rosacea sufferer will experience something very different. Claire says “this skin condition tends to fluctuate, often starting out as a mild form of Rosacea and then worsen over time, or vice versa. This is why many people in their 30s are experiencing skin issues when they thought they had finally overcome them”.

What causes Rosacea

Since it is such a common skin issue that has been heavily researched, one would think that we know everything about Rosacea by now, but Claire points out that’s not actually the case, unfortunately.  Claire clarifies, “Although common, Rosacea is also what’s known as a ‘spectrum’ disorder, due to its many variations, meaning it can often go undiagnosed or be confused with another condition such as adult acne or even Lupus”. If you believe you may be suffering from Rosacea, Claire suggests seeing your GP and requesting a blood test in order to rule out any other issue.
As for the cause, Claire explains that “doctors do seem to agree that one of the causes of Rosacea is ‘Demodex’, a teeny tiny mite that lives on our skin from birth.” According to her, “Demodex isn’t an issue in itself per se, as everybody has it, however people with a weakened skin barrier are more likely to be suffering from Rosacea, as Demodex particularly thrives and breeds within that environment. In short, the more damaged the skin, the higher the number of Demodex there will be, which causes the appearance of Rosacea”.
There are many more factors that trigger and worsen Rosacea, and there is no unanimity in these, either. Claire states “not everyone’s Rosacea will be triggered by the same factors, although there are some common attributes, including sun exposure, stress, some atmospheric conditions (hot and cold temperatures, wind, humidity), heavy exercise, smoking, indoor heat, eating dairy, drinking alcohol, to name just the most typical ones. Claire also explains that “some people report being triggered by other things or foods, usually something that could cause inflammation in the body, making it even harder to pinpoint the problem and find a solution. So, you can see why this can be quite a daunting condition for those who suffer from it!” ends Claire.
“Rosacea can negatively impact psychological and social well-being.”
- Claire Williams, Founder + CEO of WOW facial
Claire also recommends having regular professional WOW facials. “Not everybody experiences Rosacea the same way,” she says, “so after a thorough exam of your skin, your WOW practitioner will create a tailor-made treatment based on your specific needs. You can also opt to have a bespoke micro-needling treatment, whereby your practitioner will select from multivitamins, Vitamin C complex, hyaluronic acid and even botulinum toxin to reduce the appearance of redness in your face”.
Claire concludes, “If you are suffering with your skin, I understand exactly how you feel because I’ve battled skin issues my whole life, which is exactly why I’ve put so much research into creating hyper-personalised skincare lines. Everybody deserves to feel confident in their skin, and that can be attained with WOW facial, whatever skin condition you’re suffering from, even Rosacea.”
If you’d like to get your hands on our Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50, or if you’d like to find a WOW practitioner near you, select ‘Find a provider’ from the main menu, enter your postcode and choose ‘WOW facial centre’ from the dropdown category filter, then click search. Your nearest practitioners will be listed, so you can contact your nearest clinic to book your skin assessment and begin your skin health journey.