Combat Mask-Induced Acne

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Mask-Induced Acne:

Why it happens and how to get rid of it!

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about a number of health issues across the world, one of them being something that can appear futile and superficial, but that is not for those who suffer from it. We are talking about acne, particularly acne mechanica’, a skin condition induced by the prolonged wearing of facial masks. Acne has in some cases been linked to other health issues, like anxiety and depression because those suffering from it can feel nervous and self-conscious due to the imperfections of their skin, therefore it should be addressed with proper care and the right products.

What causes acne mechanica?

Acne Mechanica is caused by friction, pressure, and occlusion on the skin which can occur from wearing heavy clothing or protective gear, including the face masks that we are all required to wear at this time. After prolonged [mask] use more and more people (especially those with sensitive skin) have been suffering from breakouts, due to sweating, breathing, bacteria, and excess oil all being trapped under a mask that may also be rubbing and causing friction on the face, breaking down the natural skin barrier which usually protects the skin.

The weather also plays a part, as during the warmer months the added heat naturally makes us sweat more, which means our skin will produce more oil, causing even more friction and more bacteria, resulting in breakouts and pimples.

There’s no getting away from it, wearing a mask is not great for the skin! But as we need to wear them for the time being, it’s imperative that we take extra precaution to avoid bacterial build-up inside the mask. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to use a new mask every single day and, in case you use a cloth one, remember to wash it after every wear! Otherwise, the risk of breakouts and acne will be even greater!

Masks might be mandatory, but breakouts don’t have to be! 

Given the current climate, it’s likely wearing a face mask will be something we’ll have to do for a long time, so we have to find a way to make it as comfortable as possible. Your skin doesn’t have to suffer through it all, as we have a few tips to help you look after your skin, prevent irritation, and soothe your skin when you need to. 

One of the most important things to remember is to cleanse your skin properly every night, whether you need to wear a mask all day or just on certain occasions, this is the number one rule for healthy skin. Ideally, you should wash your face at night and in the morning as well with a chemical exfoliating skin wash that contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid or even better; beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid. These kinds of products will not only deep clean the skin, but also rebuild the barrier function to protect your skin from any bacteria invasion. Regular use will build a better skin barrier and fewer incidents of breakouts will occur. Generally, we don’t recommend using a physical exfoliating product such as scrubs, because they tend to create more friction on the skin, actually making it more susceptible to excess bacteria trapped under the skin when wearing a mask. 
Another great way to prevent breakouts and protect your skin is to increase moisture, which will create an extra layer under the skin. We recommend a moisturiser that contains a gentle acid such as malic acid, mandelic acid, or glycolic acid.


“Wash your face, eat healthily, wash your mask often and take it off whenever you can to let your skin breathe”
– Claire Williams
Another way to help fortify your skin is by keeping your body healthy.  Try implementing a good probiotic and eating plenty of probiotic foods to build good bacteria in your gut. This will make your entire organism stronger, ready to fight any bacteria caused by wearing a mask all day.

How can WOW fusion help?

Hopefully, the tips we’ve mentioned will be of help, however, they may not necessarily be enough alone. In order to effectively change the way your skin responds to bacteria invasion and excessive sweat; a WOW facial could be the ultimate solution for your skin troubles. In fact, we can use specific ingredients during the WOW fusion device stage, to reduce the amount of oil and sweat that your skin is producing under your mask.

There are also ingredients available to reduce any skin inflammation you may be experiencing and help rebuild and strengthen your skin barrier function in order to keep excess bacteria, sweat and humidity from penetrating into the skin.

The innovative WOW fusion needling device has been expertly designed to make painless, small traumas in the skin with 20 titanium 24K gold plated 0.13mm diameter micro-needles, allowing the solutions to flow down into the epidermal/dermal junction of the skin.

Following a WOW treatment, it’s important to maintain good skin health between professional appointments, by incorporating a bespoke skincare regime at home. Your practitioner will offer you advice on the right products containing active ingredients to help combat 'acne mechanica', so that breakouts and pimples can be a thing of the past.


To find a WOW fusion practitioner near you, visit our website and select ‘Find a provider’ from the main menu, enter your postcode and choose ‘WOW fusion centre’ from the dropdown category filter, then click search. Your nearest practitioners will be listed, so you can book your skin assessment and start your journey back to clear skin.


Author: Claire Williams

CEO and Founder of WOW Facial Ltd.

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