How to Dress for Cold Weather and Still Look Cute

How to Dress for Cold Weather and Still Look Cute

The cold weather season is here again and choosing the perfect outfits for your winter wardrobe that would make you feel comfortable and look cute simultaneously can be particularly challenging for some. It is one thing to layer up for the cold weather with warm, cozy outfits and end up feeling like a blob and quite another to dress snugly and still look cute.

So to help you out, we have compiled a selection of wow fashion ideas on how to dress for cold weather and still look cute. Here are a couple wow tips we have handpicked and which we believe will work out for every wow woman irrespective of your body fitness.

Get a Statement Scarf

A nicely patterned statement scarf with a fiery black and burgundy leather look would totally make your outfit. Brightly colored accessories are a great way to wow up your clothing layers and you can go for a daring combination of clashing colors as well, blending just a pop and a fun chunky scarf to go with.

The trick to making conflicting colors look cute especially when layering up for the cold weather is to combine just a pop and a fun scarf with simple solids to complete your wowlook. Wear the scarf around your neck or simply don it hijab-style to protect your face from the chilly winds while keeping your cute on.

Snuggle up in a Cardigan Coat

Create real wowmoments with a long and hefty cardigan or suede-like trench coat that would keep you cozy for longer in the cold winter weather. It is the perfect fashion item to engage the winter without looking blown up especially when worn with a luxe leather pant and a fitted jacket.

You can round it off with a slightly tilted beanie with a matching color worn on the back of your head and placed carefully so as not to cover your cute face.

Utilize thermal vests and leggings

This is the ultimate secret behind wearing your summer clothes in the winter. Thermal vests and leggings whether worn together or separately helps keep you warm underneath your blouse and pants. They are made from modal – an extra soft semi-synthetic material which is thin and highly effective at retaining heat.

Wow women who are looking to slay in their cute summer wears with skin revealing outfits during the biting cold of the harsh winter weather can gracefully do so with these insulating thermal layers which help cushion the effects of the cold weather without anyone even noticing that you have them on.

Fitted sweaters with a matching dress

For an easy preppy look, a fitted sweater with a cute patterned dress is the surest way to go. This style doesn’t require much layering and it fits nicely regardless of what length of dress you choose to put on – although the knee length is a very good start.

To get this wowlook, all you have to do is wear a fitted sweater on top of a matching dress, ideally one having patterns with a prominent identical color of the sweater on it. Next, you pop the collar of the dress out from underneath the sweater then allow your hair fall freely on your shoulders for that cute girly look and you’re all set.

For an accompanying footwear, simply go for a flat-sole shoe that matches with the color of the dress to complete your wow outfit.

Layer up as much as possible

This style if not done properly can leave you feeling all chunked up and blobby, however you can win by putting on a jean jacket with a cardigan and a coat, then tie a chunky scarf around your neck, a high boot and high socks for your legs and a chic hat to wrap it up.

Colors and fitting aren’t particularly the item here, rather it is about being cozy while enjoying fun moments with your friends or partner. How cute!

Boots, boots, boots

Ankle boots, thigh high boots, knee length boots, combat boots, lace up boots and so on are also a chick and cute way to liven up your winter fashion while keeping yourself warm at the same time. When your feet is warm, the rest of your body becomes warm also, so keeping this lower part of your body well covered is very important.

The secret about looking cute in boots is knowing what outfits to wear them with and with the right combination of style and colors you are guaranteed to slay in every way.

For example, ankle boots fits naturally with a chambray shirt, a denim jacket, a cardigan, or a layer with a scarf or hoodie, thigh high boots looks cute when worn with thigh high socks instead of tights, lace up boots goes perfectly with pretty tights and combat boots with cute knit socks, a long cardigan, chunky knit scarf and tights are a classic travel combination.

Add a belt to a coat or cardigan to lose bulk

Layering up with a coat or cardigan can make you look blobby even though you’re only putting on a few clothing, however adding a belt to the coat can help reduce the swollen bulk by cinching your waist and creating a long lean line from your head to your toes.

Complete your wowlook by wearing a leather pant and a spiked ankle boot – this would make your entire outfit look automatically slimmer. The result is a thinner and cuter you!

Strategically show some skin

Even though the cold winter weather isn’t inviting to the skin, knitted garments such as a turtle neck wool sweater and a knee-grazing skirt that reveals your sexy legs are amazingly cool. It can be worn with a chunky, motorcycle jacket which has a cool, fuzzy collar for more warmth.

This particular style is currently on-trend and is also a cool way to dress for travel – you don’t lose your shape and you get to show some skin all the while staying warm and cute.