How to run properly (Time for a run. Make it properly. There is how.)

How to run properly (Time for a run. Make it properly. There is how.)

Run for your health and body. Few tips for a useful and safety training.

Running is one of the hardest fitness exercises for our heart, joints, and spine. But it is the most fat burning sports. So, if you are going to lose weight, running will be the main dish in your sports menu. Thus in order to avoid injuries and fatigue, we propose you to keep in mind few tips of safe running.

Make your start slow

Don’t run for 10 kilometers for the first day, if you never ran before. Even if you feel you can do it. Unusual load for the body can provoke stress, and in a week or two you’ll wake up exhausted. Better start from 3 Jogging a week for 20 minutes each. Every time when you feel bad, or it’s become too hard for you, switch to a high-speed walking. At the time when you’ll complete the whole track without stops, you can increase the load.

Eat not later than 1 hour before run

Actually, time for which food is digested depends on your metabolism and body. But, in general, specialists recommend eat the heavy meal 2-4 hours before the run, or get some snack before 1 hour or 2.

Carbohydrates before, proteins after

You need a lot of power to make a good run. And the greatest products which can give us force are wholemeal cereals of fruits. But remember fruits are good in the first half of the day, cause they have a lot of sugar.

Watch how you place the foot when you land

Your running shoes are very important, but the most value thing in the whole running process is the position of your foot at the landing moment. Better to step on the toe, but it’s a huge challenge for untrained calf muscles. But, if you tired you can land on the heel and then step on the toe.

Retract the belly

This will not just help you to get a nice and strong belly. As well it helps your spine with amortization.