Morning routines to make your whole day WOW!

Morning can create the mood for the whole day. A lot of psychologists, life coaches and books talk about the importance of morning routine. We are not an exception. We believe that right routine can change your life. And we propose you to pick one of the few listed below and bring it to your life tomorrow morning.

Glass of water first

You open your eyes and this is the first step of your awakening. Your body and stomach need the same routine.

During the night your organism didn’t get any water and needs a refill. Start your day with a glass of water or even water with lemon, if it’s ok for your acid-puddle balance. Water will give you energy and cheerfulness.

Take a deep breath and make kapalabhati

Kapalabhati one of yoga breathing techniques specialized on airway cleansing and warming-up. Every our part of the body filled with air. Blood, lungs, stomach. So, like you airing your apartment, you need to air your body.

The technique is easy to remember: Seat in comfort position and close your eyes. Now make imperceptible breath than strong and fast exhalation. Concentrate on the exhalation.

There are a lot of videos on the youtube, which describes how to make Kapalabhati properly if you never did it before.

For the beginning, you can start from 27 pumps and then increase the number to 108. You can make three or two approaches at the one time. Mixing Kapalabhati with breath holdings.

Warm up with Surya Namaskar

When you sleep the temperature of your body get lower, and in order to wake up faster you need to warm it up. The greatest thing to do it is to make exercise. But how lazy we are in the mornings. Thus we propose you to do yoga.

Surya namaskar translates as “saturation to the sun”. It a 12 step yoga warm-up routine which is better to make on empty stomach. Every person with every physical level can do it.

Surya namaskar gives you light stretching, it good for your spine, legs, and hands. The whole body is involved. And it takes only 3-5 minutes to do it.

Breakfast without social media

Take time for yourself. Structuralize your dreams and plans. Prepare healthy breakfast at home, or visit your favorite cafe. In an hour or less you will dip into the busy day, and there few minutes left which you can spend without information buzz.

Make 1 step to your dream

What are you dreaming about? Open a startup, or learn a new language. If you spend nearly 10 minutes a day, there will be 1 hour a week and 4 hours a month. From day to day you can move your dream forward to its realization.

Schedule Your Day

This 5 minutes can set the productivity for the whole day.

But be realistic in your plans and priorities. If you’ll write a huge list, which is unreal to accomplish till the end of the day you’ll be disappointed, it will reduce your motivation or even lead to the depression in future.


Meditation is a key to mindfulness, concentration, and improvement of the memory skills. It helps to calm down your mind and even find your purpose in life. A lot of Celebrities and great personalities, such as Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston practice it.

And It is not just some spiritual thing, it benefits although proven by science.

But, if you want to raise results you have to make constantly training. 10 minutes dedicated to the brain in the morning will be great for start. You can use special apps that can become your guide to meditation, such as Headspace or Buddhify, to make it easier and track your results.